Thursday, April 15

Beige Glamour

It was a fine spring afternoon and I was walking along the Parisian Rivera when I spotted a Beauty Monop' in the horizon. I had previously discovered that they were official retailers for OPI nail color so I decided to check it out.  Once inside my face lit up as I was surrounded by beauty… poetic huh ;-)

Ok enough seriously now, they had a vey impressive selection of OPI nail color unlike the displays of 10-20 colors I had seen before.  They had the  whole shebang, special editions and everything. I ended up getting nail color from Bourjois (just one! Aren’t you proud of my discipline) in a shade called Beige glamour.
Beige glamour is a matte plumy pink shade.

It turned out darker than it looks in the bottle after two coats, making it different from what I expected (wanted). The product was good though. Good color concentration, even color distribution right from the first. What impressed me the most about this product is its drying speed, every bottle of nail polish says quick drying on it but this one is the real thing. It's also really glossy so you might not need a top coat, or at least not on the first day. I will keep you posted on how long the gloss last though.

TTFN Gals!


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