Friday, April 9

Product Review: Green Gaia Eye Shadow

Still on my Haul from the Nails and Make up conference in March, next up is Green Gaia eye shadow.  I didn’t know this brand before the conference but decided to try their products anyway. They are a french cosmetic brand offering products like six color palettes of eye shadow and lip color, customizable professional palettes brushes and natural skin care. 

To play safe, I went for their single eye shadows since I didn’t know how they would turn out. They come in clear cube cases that give the impression that the eye shadow is trapped in the middle of an ice cube. I admit that is one of the reasons I bought the products and I am glad I did.

I got two shades; a sheer gold (Citrine) and a beautiful dark brown with bronze sparkles (Topaze).

Attractive and durable packaging but shadows don’t give good color pay off alone,  they work a lot better worn over a cream base (as in picture).

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