Monday, May 24

MakeUp show New York part 3

Who was at the show...

One of my favorites of the show was networking. I have followed the work of make up artists, bloggers and you tubers for years now and last week at the show I got to meet some of them...did I say the show was awesome already? I had a great time!
With Danessa Myricks of I Make You Beautiful    
With Aramide: Reunion with my old friend from Uni              
    With Erin of Scandalous Beauty, she was so funny and down to earth love her!
With Kysh of Addicted2MakeUp and Takisha
With Micheal DeVllis fo the Power Group
With Johnny Lavoy
With my fellow MakeUp lovers
With Marc Harvey
With my niaja sisters
L-R Aramide, Halima of pwetty bami, Eni of Lise beauty range, Me and Bolanle of MakeUp pro
With Koren/Enkore
With Eve Pearl, she is so nice and talented and she remembered me for the IMATS London!
With Hot models forME cosmetics
With Cindy Diaz and a friend
With Stephanie Jenkins
With (L-R) Halima, Bolanle, Micheal DeVellis, James Vincent, Eni and Aramide

Art the Make Up show.
Although there were no competitions at the show there was still a lot of art on the floor, from the make up on our faces to the demonstrations from the make up brands present. Here are some of them.
Mac pro
MakeUp Forever
Paperself cut eyelashes
Stephanie Jenkins: her brows were so hot, I went out and got the products she used!

Next up will be a post on my Haul, I should warn you I did go a bit crazy in the purchasing department. It was just too hard to resist all the great stuff and the discounts at the show. 

Till next time (soon I promise)




  1. Love your blog..=)

  2. I stumbled upon your blog and just read this post. I love the make up art so phenomenal. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you, I'm glad you like it, be sure to stop by again ;-)

  4. It was great meeting you!!!


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