Sunday, June 20

NAM: The birth of a new passion?

Inspired by over priced clothes (the really cute kind), fueled by confidence in our  our  sense of style and armed with a supernatural dose of DIY power my friend Mary and I decided to take a stab at making our own clothes.

Where better to start than Paris... the fashion capital of the world.
We checked out a few fabric stores in the Paris Montmartre area and it was super exciting. They had some pretty amazing pieces that made it hard to leave without buying the entire store. We also discovered a store for all the knickknacks you could possibly need to sew. Here are some pictures...
Never seen this many buttons before!
The stores we visited were just minutes away from the Sacred Heart Basilica, Metro Anvers.

So far all we have are big ideas and loads of excitement, lets see if we actually keep up with this. I will of course keep you posted ;)



  1. We are SOOOO keeping it up. Next stop, sewing machine! :-)

  2. LOL! i will try to make a summer dress this weekend... lets see how that goes


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