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NAM: World Cup 2010 Hawties

While I can't be described as a football fanatic, for some reason I have found myself following the world cup somewhat religiously this year.

No matter how into the game I am, I can't help but notice the hawties running around in shorts LOL. So here they are

Top 10  World Cup 2010 Hawties.

10.   Denise Aogo
Country: Germany
Date of Birth: 14 January 1987
Height: 184 cm
Shirt number: 4
Position: Defender
Current club: Hamburger SV (GER)

  • 9. Patrice Evra
  • Country: France
  • Date of Birth: 15 May 1981
  • Height: 171 cm
  • Shirt number: 13
  • Position: Defender
  • Current club: Manchester Utd. (ENG)

8. Stanislav Sestak
Country: Slovakia
Date of Birth: 16 December 1982
Height: 178 cm
Shirt number: 9
Position: Forward
Current club: Bochum (GER)

  •  7. Carlos VELA

  • Country: Mexico
  • Date of Birth: 1 March 1989
  • Height: 179 cm
  • Shirt number: 11
  • Position: Forward
  • Current club: Arsenal (ENG)

6. Glen Johnson
Country: England
Date of Birth: 23 August 1984
Height: 178 cm
Shirt number: 2
Position: Defender
Current club: Liverpool (ENG)

5. Jesus NAVAS

Country: Spain              

Date of Birth: 21 November 1985

Height: 172 cm

Shirt number: 22

Position: Forward

Current club: Sevilla FC (ESP)

4. Landon DONOVAN

  • Country: USA
  • Date of Birth: 4 March 1982
  • Height: 173 cm
  • Shirt number: 10
  • Position: Midfielder
  • Current club: Los Angeles Galaxy (USA)

3. Sebastien BASSONG

Country: Cameroun
Date of Birth: 9 July 1986
Height: 187 cm
Shirt number: 5
Position: Defender
Current club: Tottenham Hotspur (ENG)

2. Kevin Prince BOATENG

    • Country: Ghana
    • Date of Birth: 6 March 1987
    • Height: 182 cm
    • Shirt number: 23
    • Position: Forward
    • Current club: Portsmouth (ENG)

DRUM ROLL... Ladies and Gentlemen presenting ...Number One ... Numero Uno...

jerome boateng Pictures, Images and Photos

#1  Jerome BOATENG
  • Country: Germany
  • Date of Birth: 3 September 1988
  • Height: 192 cm
  • Shirt number: 20
  • Position: Defender
  • Current club: Hamburger SV (GER)

He cleans up gooooood...

And did you notice how tall he is...
*Stella Boateng*....has a ring to it....#dreamy...

That's it.  It wasn't easy to choose just 10 believe me! LOL too many hotties

Did your favs make my list? Is there a player on my list you don't think made the cut?

Let me know....

Disclaimer: All the pictures in this post were graciously borrowed from Google images.


  1. As long as there is no Ronaldo and Drogba...good list. The Jesus guy is scary!

  2. Nne oma, others are looking out for skills but u r looking out for beauty. Okurin ga-eme gi ife o!

  3. Patrice and Sebastien.....I love!
    Hook me up Elle Maris....

  4. Ronaldo made it to my top 30 but got kicked out @ the final LOL! Drogba... was never on it.
    @Cheely,no fears , this is a "beauty blog"after all LOL.

    Any one who wants a hook can contact me directly in exchange for my hook up with Boateng ;-)

  5. Mmmmmmm yummylicious! #2 and 3 for me...Yesss. lol

  6. emmmm..KevinPrince is way hotter than Jerome jo!have u seen his bod too?kill it!..y is Donovan on the list?no Cesc Fabregas?or Klose or the whole Spain/Portugal team sef! HOT MEN in those countries....

  7. @Bugz Fabregas made it to the top 30 but i had to let him go :-(
    Spain and Portugal surprisingly didn't have too much to offer LOL.

    The Boateng brothers are super hot but I had to with the saner looking one for 'my' #1 LOL

  8. can I order no. 7? To go pls :D

  9. Kevin Prince Boateng and Sebastien Bassong are so hot. I also love Vela but then I am a bit biased.

  10. Jesus is HOTTER than all the other men... As always!

  11. why is onyewu not on heree...he is fineeeeeeee n sexayyyyyyyy.....

  12. Yes Onyewu is an Osama bin laden kinda way LOL!


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