Friday, July 30

Product Review: Sephora I.T Make Up Brushes

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Sephora I.T. Makeup Brush Collection

Sephora launched these in May 2010, I just picked one of the shadow brushes and will love to get the powder one as well.

What they say:
I.T. Medium Shader - Natural Brush

What it is:
A sable-bristled brush, from the top-tier I.T. Collection, designed for applying all types of eye shadows: powders, creams, or wet powders

What it does:
Why I.T.? This pinnacle-quality array of Intelligent Tools harnesses Innovative Technology to create a makeup-artist-worthy brush range. Natural sable offer unparalleled softness making this shading brush ideal for light-to-medium eyeshadow shades. Its supple shape picks up product easily, creates a very thin film of product on the eyelid, and maximizes color payoff. For more intense color, it also works for wet application of your favorite eye shadows.

What else you need to know:
This technically sophisticated tool was co-created by French designer Philippe Di Méo and the Sephora Pro Beauty Team; it features Sephora's color expertise in tandem with Di Méo's knowledge of contemporary utilitarian design, with exceptional results:
- Chic, colored handles: one color per application area (face: pink, eyes: blue or purple)
- Lightweight Handle: elongated silhouettes made with ultra-light aluminum ferrule provide superior balance, easy application, precise gestures, and high-definition effects
- Outstanding quality: representing the highest-quality brushes that Sephora Collection offers, this tool boasts impeccable bristles, shape, density, and design
- Intelligent dual-function stand: protects bristles and stores your brush; brush is self-standing with bristles down

Without a doubt the prettiest brush I own. Great for applying eye shadow all over your eyelid and its soft bristles pick up tons of product. I also love that it comes with a cap to protect the bristles and keep your make up bag clean :-)
They are not cheap but for the quality I think its a good investment, you don't need to buy brushes everyday so...




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