Wednesday, August 25

DIY Sephora inspired Brush Holder

This is super simple, you'll know just how simple in a minute :-)

You will need a case: You can use any thing you like glass, plastic, whatever really. I used a plastic one just so I would have less to deal with if it ever falls.

And vase fillers: You generally want to use something small, smooth and round. I used tiny purple balls i got in a furniture store in Geneva.

Step 1:
Get your bushes ready.

Step 2:
Fill your case with your vase filler
Step 3:
Put your brushes in...
And thats it!

Easy right, I know!




  1. Great, Great idea!! Love it. I'm going to use dry black beans.

  2. Thank you, I'd love to see a picture when you are done :-)


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