Thursday, September 30

NOTD: Just Before Dawn

I imagine that if I was a vampire this would be one of my my favorite shades. I will be storing this in my secret "When I find me an Edward or Damon" collection ;-)

Just before dawn is a black shade filled with tiny red glitter from Piggy Polish. Its really dark (obviously), but the red glitter adds a feminine touch a shade that would otherwise be plain old black.
This is my first time using Piggy Polish, and I'm quite pleased with it. It cost $7.50 for 13.2ml which is a little less than some brands that offer 15ml but then again how often do you actually empty a pot of nail polish?
Standard brush width.




  1. I like the nail Polish. Looks good on you. I prefer lighter colors tho if they have like a pink or red...would be awesome :)

  2. They have pinks and reds too, I'll try a lighter shade next just for you Ada :-)


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