Friday, October 8

Fine The Basics of Beauty

"Remember make up isn’t about changing your features its about enhancing them, so get in love with yourself long before you apply a stitch of make up, that's the real basics of beauty." Sam Fine

My copy is autographed cos I'm cool like that :P
We finally get a chance to watch Sam do his magic. In this video he takes on 3 makeovers on  “ordinary” women, step by step up close and in detail.
He starts with an introduction to the tools of the trade, explaining their features, functions and maintenance. Did you know he washes his brushes with dishwasher liquid? Yup, so save money on all them brush cleaners!
He also lets on in on some of his tips and tricks like "tissuing" off excess moisture after applying moisturizer and again after foundation and how to take a look from every day to extra glam.
Sam Fine's work is just short of a magic. In this DVD he (unlike your typical magician) reveals his secrets. Its an up close step by step demonstration of the creation of his looks.
"If you are one of the many women of colour looking for long over due information and instruction… this video is for you." Sam Fine



  1. He's amazing! Was chatting with him on twitter and he's making an appearance in London in december!!! will keep you guys posted!


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