Tuesday, October 26

Product Review: Sensationnel Premium Too Euro Straight

New Look: Bangs are "Us"
Hair and Make up by ME!!!

My new look, the "It Girl Do" as named by a friend of mine, is a long straight hair do with a full frindge. I usually don't like hair on my face but as the heat of Summer is long gone and the cold is upon us I figured the timing couldn't be better.
During and after (with the long bangs)

First I left the bangs really long (in my eyes) but after wearing it long for a few days I realized I had to go a little shorter :-(

The hair is Sensationnel's Premium Too: Euro Straight Weave in 20 inches, color 1B.

I fixed it (myself!) in a closed weave style, finished with a home made closure made with the same weave.

A nice weave, however if you are not in the habit of caring for your weave, this one is not for you. In order to look good, it needs to be brushed often (several times in the day). It's easy to style (curl or straighten), it even gets wavy when you braid it. I straightened and or blow dried it often to keep it light with the "white girls flow".




  1. How in the world did you do this? I am so jealous!

  2. Premium too is my fav human hair. good quality for very affordable price...and ur look upgrades it all!! beautiful!

  3. Bon travail !
    C'est quand que tu me coiffes moi aussi ?
    Lol !

    Bee Mee

  4. Merci Bee Mee, te coiffée? hmm... on va voir ;-)

  5. how much is the hair?

  6. it looks lovely, can u suggest any hair oil that i can use and did u ever wash it?


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