NOTD: Tendre Promesse

The second thing I tried from my nail and makeup show haul: Parisax Professional nail polish in tendre promesse (tender promise). I like this shade, a really light matte lilac,  with just enough color to show through all the milky white.
Colors this light can be a bit risqué for women of color but I like the way it turned out. It stands out but in a "a la mode" kinda way.

I don’t care too much for the nail polish though, it took three coats to get even color distribution and you can still see gaps when held up to the light.The more coats the longer it takes to dry, the harder to get it perfect and and bumpier it can look :-( .However considering the the price (4.50) i guess it's an ok buy. 

Thats it.
TTFN Divas!

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Nail Art take 1: Purple flutter

I used to think nail art was really tacky but I had a rethink after attending the nail and make up show by spa mondial et beauté a few weels ago. Nail art looked like it could be a lot of fun . There is so much you can do with nails these days its amazing. As it turns out… its even more fun than I thought! 

At the show I got nail art bars. I know... you'r probably wondering what they are right? I did too. they are small bars that you slice up to get little nail art peices

I like these because the deco is really detailed and you can lay them under acrylic or gel and get a smooth nail surface.  I used one of my favorites: a purple detail butterfly paired with pearly white nail tips.
1st the tips, then the deco, cover with gel or acrylic powder and shape as usual. I buffed them to a shine to get a natural finish.  
And voila! The work is done. I must admit this was tons of fun and the results are not too shabby either...won't you say? I will certainly be doing this again soon!

Till next time
Ta ta for now!


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Taupe Glam


I’m wearing crème to powder foundation in Sepia (my shade), Russet (for highlight) and coffee bean (for contour) set with translucent loose powder in Dark, light and dark powder form the dark contour kit and blush in c oral , all from Sleek Make up.
My brows are filled in with the Chocolate twist up brow pencil.
On my eye lids I’m wearing a shimmery taupe shade from the Curious Palette and in the crease the dark burgundy from the jewels palette darkened with some black eye shadow from the same palette. For my brow bone I used the light brown shadow in the Safari palette (my favorite and most worn highlight of the moment).
I lined my upper eyelid with Black liquid liner from Eve Pearl  and Sleek twist up eyeliner in midnight in my waterline. I lined  my lower eye lid with the same dark burgundy shadow as above with the help of an angular brush and a Homemade mixing medium (water and glycerin). Finally I put my number 7 lashes from mac and black eye drama mascara also from Sleek.
For this extremely neutral lip, I lined my lips with Sleek’s brown lip pencil and then filled it in with clear lipgloss from Sleeks wonderlast combo.

Till next time

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Face of the day (FOTD): Metro Classic

This is a very simple look, I wear this typically when I leave in a hurry or like today need to do my make up on the train, hence the name Metro Classic :-). It's a very simple eye and bright lips.

I’m wearing Sleek make up’s crème to powder foundation in Sepia set with translucent loose powder in Dark and Blush in Coral.
My brows are filled in with the Chocolate twist up brow pencil.
I used matte black eye shadow from the Sleek Safari palette in my crease and the outer corner of my eye lid with a crease brush and the light brown shadow just under the black from the same palette in my brow bone.
Black liquid liner from Eve Pearl to line my upper eyelid and twist up eyeliner in midnight from Sleek on my lower eye lid and black eye drama mascara also from Sleek.
This is my very favorite lip look from Sleek, I love this combo and confess I have been wearing this look for years now. 
First I lined my lips with Sleek’s deep cherry lip liner and then filled it in with High shine lip-gloss in Angel’s delight. Lovely!

Till next time

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Nail & Make Up show by Spa Mondial & Beaute 2010


The very first Nails & Make-up show, by Mondial Spa & Beauté. It was an event within an event; the Annual International Spa and Beauty Exhibition. For the first time a section dedicated to make up and nails was introduced to the annual exhibition which held from March 13-15, 2010 at the Palais des Congrès de Paris.
It was massive with approximately 120 exhibitioners although the clear majority were in the spa section. In the nail and make up sections were brands like Akyado, Alessandro, Magnetic, Parisax Professional, Minx, Revlon and lost more.
I took so many pictures i'm putting them in collages to save space!

One of the great things about shows like these apart from the discounted products is the demonstration of innovations in the industry. For me,  the nail industry held the most surprises. I felt like a dinosaur in the face of the techniques and products that were on display!
Apparently Gel is the new acrylic and there are a million and ten things you can do with. Before the exhibition I wasn’t even aware that where were colored acrylic powders not to mention permanent gel color! The gel colors looked so good that I was tempted to buy some even though I had no idea how to use them.

Then of course the stiletto nails. Not round, not square but stiletto, they are very artistic but I can’t imagine how people get any work done with them on! They are nice to look at but personally I think this is a trend I will let pass me by.

There were also conferences for spa and make up as well as nails. With topics ranging from how to’s, season trends and business development.

The make up and nail competitions were themed “Glam Rock”and were open to students and professionals.
 Finally my little haul from this event...

I got a make up brush, toe separators, tendre promesse nail polish and brown eye shadow from Parissax Professional. Nail polish in cocoa, new year's kiss and sugar baby from Creative nail design. Flowers and butterfly nail art canes, pinching sticks, a pincher, and purple rhinestones from Magnetic. Coloured acrylic powder in F (golden brown)& I (Purple) and nail files (these were given to all attendants) form AKYADO.
A magazine profile CD from Style speak, two eye shadow cubes in citrine & topaze from Green Gaia, Carmina eye shadow in terracotta.
 Last but not the least two editions of MUP (Make up professional magazine) and a book on the work of Michel Dumas. All attendants were also given the March issue of Cabines magazine.
That it! I tried to be wise and stop myself from blowing it all in one place... 

I'm excited about my finds and can't wait to share them with you guys. 


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Stella's 2010 Oscar Make Up picks

I already shared my thoughts on the red carpet fashion from the 2010 oscars, now its time for the make up! (did you guess that this is my favorite part...)

Most celebrities (with the exception of Nicole Richie) ditched elaborate glam looks for simple fresh faces this year. We saw lots ok skin tone make up glamed up with lashes. Here are some of my favorite make up looks at this years oscars.

Sandra Bullock, although I didn't care much for her dress which I thought might have been more appropriate for a woman about 20 years older , I liked this make up look on her. The bright lips brought color to her otherwise plain gold ensemble.

I absolutely love this look on Miley Cyrus. Pale pink lips sheer gold shadow and va va voom lashes that make her green eyes pop! me likey... 
I'll like to try out this look soon.

This lady does not play with her make up. Mo'Nique as always is sporting a fresh look with natural tones, highlighted and contoured in all the right places.

Another one I will definitely be trying soon.

Jlo the queen of glow put her shimmer away for this clean glam look. Pale pink lips and flesh tone eye shadow pared with a darker tone in the crease.

I'm thrilled to put Zoe Saldana on this list, after going on about not liking her dress. At least I liked something right? Fresh, pale lips, brown eyeshadow and a light blush on her cheeks. Simple, giving the impressing she is wearing just lipgloss.

Will be recreating the looks seen on Mo'Nique and Miley Cyrus soon. If you are interested in wearing these looks then watch this space! I will post the looks as well as a step by step tutorial and details of products used.

Ciao Bellas!

*All the pictures in this post are not my own, they were borrowed from Google images
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Stella's 2010 Oscar Favorites

So I know I signed up for make up but an event dripping with this much glam was practically calling out my name!
The red carpet this year was quite uneventful… I mean there were no absolute fashion victims.  . Here are my favorite picks from the 2010 Oscars (in no particular order).

Me likey...

Jlo in Armani Privé straight off the runway. I loved this one, the beautiful dress worked perfectly with her curves.

Cameron Diaz in Oscar de la Renta. She's never been my fashion favorite but she is absolutely stunning in this one. I'm loving the look with her hair down and the red lips.
Sarah Jessica Parker in Chanel. A red carpet favorite looked lovely in this yellow number. Critics didn't like this one because  the dress doesn't show off her curves. I think she looked great, true it doesn't show off her curves but so what!
Her hands were heavyly adorned with diamond bracelets and is that a tattoo?

Miley Cyrus in Jenny packman. Apart from the bodice being a little too tight, I like this look.

Rachel McAdams in Elie Saab. A fresh sweep of color, this one reminds me of spring and right on time for the pastel colors of the season. Me likey!
Queen Latifa in Badgley Mischka. She looked absolutely stunning in this pink number. I think the color suits her really well. 

Elizabeth Banks in Versace. An elegant dress although it reminds me a lot of the Atelier Versace Penelope Cruz got raves for in 2009. Demi Moore also sported a similar style by Versace this year. Elizabeth wore her's better than Demi did though.

Helen Mirren in Badgley Mischka. Simple and elegant, living proof that you don't need to be over the top to look good especially at her age.

Merly Streep in Chris Marc. This is one of my absolute favorites from this year's red carpet. She looked so classy and sexy in this plunging neck line but still great for her age. Merly was up for her 16th nomination this year for  her role in Julie & Julia.

Kate Winslet in Salvatore Ferragamo. Last year's best actress was graceful in this metallic number. I like this look on her, she  some times she comes across plain but this time I think she looked glamourous.
Penelope Cruz in Donna Karan. This lovely number places her safely in my favorites list.

Me no likey...
Zoe Saldana in Givenchy. It hurts me to put her on this list because I absolutely love her, have been a fan since she did “center stage” but this dress… OMG! It starts out nice, really nice even, form the hip upwards but the bottom half of the dress reminds me of fragle rock!

Vera Farmiga in Marchesa. This one looks like it might fly "up in the air" all by itself. Its a nice color I agree but the dress is much too busy.

Mariah Carey in  Valentino. I didn't like this one at all not the style or the fit, it did nothing for her figure. Its a nice color though especially paired with the metallic accessories.

Charlize Theron in Christian Dior. I'm hardly a fan of styles with extras on the bust, this one is no exception. The bust twirl is the design on the dress, without it it's like a plain prom dress...
Kathryn Bigelow winner of the best director award for the Hurt locker. I would have worn this one to church (probably in a brighter color)

Carey Mulligan in Prada. So an evening dress is not the best place to stick miniature cutlery and scissors... or maybe thats just me. 

Diane Kruger of Inglorious Basterds in Chanel.  I don't even know what to say about this one except what was she thinking!

Thats it folks, like I said there weren't many fashion mishaps on the red carpet this year. Lets see how long this lasts shall we.
Feel free to let me know what you think, maybe I left some one out, or you would like to see someone switch lists? Let me know divas....

Till next time My belles...

* all pictures in this post were borrowed from Google images.
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Book Review: About Face By Scott Barnes (2010).

Scott is a genius. He is one of those amazing makeup artists that can take an everyday woman and transform her into a red carpet worthy diva!

The 240 page book is filled with pictures, illustrating the many makeovers and describing Scott's make up style. His style is quite different from the style of other makeup artists. He pays more attention to the skin and facial structure . Also his make up application is different for each person, he might start with the foundation and contour with someone but start with the eye make up for someone else.

Scot Barnes (best known as JLo’s makeup artists) takes on several makeovers and gives step by step details on how to achieve each look.
The makeovers include women  of diverse ages, races and works of life; from a school teacher to an activist, reality TV star to top model, every single one of them looks absolutely breathtaking after her make over. Its actually hard to recognize some of them after wards. He also covers some basics like skin care and tools.

I got this book in the 2010 London IMATS show from the  makeup artist magazine stand for about £18 so you can get yours from them or if you are looking for a bargain try ebay or Amazon, whatever you do… Buy this book! Whether you'r a pro or beginner you will definitely learn something from it.
Here are some of my favorite makeovers from the book!

Gate's makeover:

Oona's makeover ( she kinda looks like Jlo after her make over)

Irina's makeover:

And my personal favorite…Sonia. She looks so glamorous, I will definitely be trying this one soon.

Great book for a beginner or a pro. Everyone will learn something from this one. I'm glad I bought it. It is definitely worth it.


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