Sunday, March 20

Stella's 1st Blog-iversary!!!

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Its been a year my lovelies!!! Yay!!! **cue the confetti**

Ok so technically its been a year and 2 weeks since my 1st post was on the 6th of March but I've been crazy busy with school so couldn't but this post up before now.

I'd like to show my gratitude to all of you who follow and/read this blog, you are the reason we've made it this far.  I started this blog to keep my love for beauty alive (its not always easy with my business school schedule), to share my experiences and tips and tricks I have picked up over the years. Thank you all for being my audience I really appreciate you because without you I'd just be a rambling addict...

To show my gratitude I will be having a giveaway to mark this memorable event  so please look out for that ;-)

Thanks again



  1. Happy Birthday! Love your blog:) Keep it up

  2. u bet we shall be looking forward to the giveaway, congrats!

  3. Congrats! Will keep an eye out for your giveaway! Need a major make-up overhaul....

  4. congrats girl, can't wait, good job so far, love it

  5. Thank you all so much. Your words are really encouraging :-X


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