Saturday, April 9

Make Up Forever Haul!


**hides face**
Have you noticed I have been buying quite a bit of make up lately? Isn't retail therapy just grand!?! Over the past few months I have truly lived up to the name of this blog.

This haul however, (which I am a little ashamed of) officially ends my therapy sessions. Yes I declare myself healed (before I find myself singing under a bridge for food).

The volume of this haul is the result of a staggering 50% discount offered at the MUFE stand during the "
 Congrès International d'Esthétique Appliqué"
I got (basically everything I've ever wanted to try and the products I already use and love)...
Mat Velvet+ foundation in 75&80
Super Matte loose powder in 56
Velvet finish pressed powder in 20
Face and body foundation in 46
Aqua cream No 8
Aqua liner in black
Aqua lips 3C
Brow pencil in No3
Rouge artist Intense in 29, 49 and 16
The magnetic palette
Duo Mat powder in 218
Eye shadows in 158, 167 and 92
Labshine lip gloss in 14&12
Metal powder in No. 2
Star powder in No.50
Mist and fix
Aquarelle face and body paint in light green

And a T-shirt

Disclaimer: Don't try this at home!!! LOL

At the counter I was given transparent lipstick in No. 418, a MUFE dog tag and the "Back to black"collection (1L aqua eyes pencil, eye lashes and No.307 eye shadow).

Then I ran in to Jacques (co-founder of MUFE) and he remembered me from IMATS London!!! I was so thrilled, like that wasn't enough he gave me 2 more sets of the Back to black collection!!!

Can't wait to play with my new "toys" :-)



  1. I am green with envy Stella!!! Hope you got my email yesterday.

  2. LOL don't be, and yes dear I got your mail ;-)

  3. WOW!!! i need me some retail therapy

  4. OMG this is a HUGE haul!
    Stella what do U think about the aqua eyes pencils? Are they better than the urban decay glide one pencils? I'm sayaing that because I'm a little bit disappointed of their lasting power on the waterline and I was planning to buy the urban decay ones...

  5. :-)
    @Lily thank you dear.
    @Nikkisho it works every time ;-)
    @ Fanny i will let you know as soon as I try it out.

  6. WOW! that is so much makeup! I am trying my hardest not to get addicted to makeup! but you make me want to!..:D

  7. LOL! Oh LohiO, if you are trying to quit you are reading the WRONG blog LMAO!

  8. Please can you do a review on the MUFE velvet foundation? I use the HD and have hyper-pigmentation. I am of African origin and have oily skin.
    I hate concealers and I am hoping the velvet is a "one stop shop" foundation cos I need full coverage that the HD doesn't seem to be giving for my skin :(

  9. @Mz zee I'll get to it ASAP...x

  10. Hi stella thak God I found your blog pls where in lagos can I get these products and NYX lipsticks ,

    1. Hello Seyi,

      Unfortunately I don't know anyone that stocks Makeup Forever in Lagos. For the NYX check Gifty's Daughter



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