Thursday, April 7

Stella's 1st Blog-iversary Giveaway WINNERS!!!

A big thank you to all who participated in this giveaway. So may great suggestions it was tough to choose winners. You have all helped make Stella's Addiction better. Now that I know what you want I'm going to try my best to give you just that!

On to the winners...
The winners of Stella's 1st Blog-iversary Giveaway are:

1st Prize: Radcollins
2nd prize:Gintare

3rd price:
4th Prize: Most dedicated commenter: Erica Ajieh
5th Prize:  Comment No.19  Yeoal

There you have it, the suggestions at the top of my list. Please note that whether you won or not I am still going to consider implementing your suggestion :-)

Congratulations to all the winners, Please remember that you now have 24 hours to send your shipping details to me ( or I will have to pick a runner up.

Thanks again to everyone for participating. The giveaway is over but you can ALWAYS leave requests or suggestions in comments or vis email. I love feedback :-)



  1. wow, that's so awesome :) thanks Stella :) i really like your blog as it is now, and after taking our suggestions into consideration it is going to be legendary :)

  2. OMG!!!!Thank U so much Stella!
    I never got the chance to try Sleek Make up so this is a REALLY good surprise for me!!!!

    I love this blog and I'll keep loving it for sure!

    I hope our suggestions will be able to improve ur blog and I'm looking forward to seeing them applying!

    Bisous "de Montpellier"


  3. Yeah!! Thanks a million for the gift Stella. I am already 'hooked' as your blog is amazing.I hope our comments will be of help to the blog.

  4. I'm jealous! Congrats to all the winners

  5. YAY!!!!! I won, I WON!!!

    Thanks Stella! AWESEOME!!!! Will send my details right away! You've made us radically happy with such great opportunities of winning.

    Please feel free to post questions & am sure thousands will be happy to answer for free.

    Happy Happy!!!!!!!!


  6. You are all very welcome :D
    @Funke, don't worry I see more giveaways in the near future ;-)


I <3 feedback ;-)

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