Monday, May 9

Product Review: CasaBella Eye Shadows

This is the last review from my Nigerian make up haul. 

I got two matte eye shadows from Casabella. Mink; a dark brown and Sangria; a wine red shade. In each one you get 3g of product for about N900 about 4.5Euros  (I'm not sure if was 900 or 700 but it was definitely less than a N1000). The circular pan is about the size of the MUFE eye shadows.

Very impressive color pay off. You get the color intensity seen in the pack almost immediately (as seen above). I got 2 multifunctional shades. Sangria works just as well as a blush and Mink can be used as brow powder or contour for dark skin tones.

The packaging is very basic; simple black plastic with a clear cover so you can see the product. As I mentioned in my haul and you have probably noticed from he pictures  above, the name of the brand "CasaBella" is not written any where on these products (for some reason totally beyond me).

These eye shadows and the rest of the product line are available in CasaBella stores. I got mine in the one at The Palms (next to The Game and opposite the food court) in Lekki Lagos, Nigeria and I understand they have more stores in Lagos. For more info check out their Facebook Page (they don't have a website). CasaBella is a beauty store, a mini (very mini) Sephora if you will so you can get many other products there including Revlon cosmetics, Ardell lashes, beauty books, hair care and a lot more. They also have samples of all their make up so you can test them and make up artists on staff so you can be matched for foundation or given make up advice if you need it.

For the size and the price; N900(4.5Eros) for 3g this definitely a good deal. I will probably be getting more of their products next time I'm in town. 



  1. Really? Will try them out if i see them around


  2. Thanks Stella,Just sent for my mink, hope to find it as interestng as the tutorial you did with it,cheers!!

  3. Cool shop. Was there at ikeja


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