Saturday, June 18

Product Review: Alessandro Denim Diva Nail Tattoos

The pack retails for 4.95 and contains 2 sheets of 10 nail tattoos in 5 different sizes.

The application is quite simple; no different from the application of the tattoos that come with bubble gum :-)
  • Prepare the nail surface you would like to wear the tattoo on.
  • Cut out the tattoo that best fits the nail
  • Remover the clear sheet covering the design, and stick the tattoo face down on your nail
  • Wet the paper side of the tattoo until the paper cover can slide off easily (To do this I pressed a wet sponge on the tattoo)
  • File of any excess. The Tattoo is really soft and malleable so you can easily remove any design that get on where you don't want it.
  • Seal the design. You could do this with top coat or gel .
The largest design on my thumb
Very detailed design and it's really easy to put on so you can definitely do this yourself. 
I sealed them with Seche Vite top coat hoping it would have the same effect it does on nail polish...Wrong! I could only keep the design for a couple of days because it started to scratch of :-(. If you will like to try these tattoos I suggest you seal the pattern with some gel (get it done professionally if you are not  pro), otherwise prepare to take it of in 2 days...
I was also disappointed in the size of the tattoos. They were quite small and I apparently have big fingers so they were too small for my nails. I ended up complementing the denim design with black nail polish because the design could not cover my entire nail bed, The largest tattoo fit my third largest finger X_x

The Alessandro Denim collection also includes gel nail color and nail polish. Alessandro international products are available from different distributors around the world check their store locator to find one.

In all is an affordable nail art tool, the design is very detailed but regular top coat does a poor job of sealing it so go for a gel cover.



  1. I have the same issue with nail nail bed is bigger than the dang stickers. It is frustrating that these companies don't take into account that we don't all have tiny little fingernails. They need to accommodate us all!! But they are cute. I think if I were to use them I would put one or two as accents instead of a full mani. That's a lot of denim lol.

    1. LOL, that is a really good idea! Especially because of the size issue. Thanks ...x


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