Monday, September 26

The Makeup Show Europe, Berlin: Beauty Blogging and Beyond with Felicia Walker Benson

This seminar was presented by Felicia Walker Benson of ThisThatBeauty.

I was the first person at the seminar so in addition to my front row seat, I got to have a  1 on 1 with Felicia :-) She was great, really sweet, friendly and inspiring. By the end of the seminar my head was full of ideas to improve my blog.

Here are some of the tips she shared with us...
  • Have a unique voice, don't just regurgitate press releases. This will help set you apart.
  • Use proper grammar and correct punctuation.
  • Be careful what you call your self. Avoid labels like “product junkie” try expert or  makeup artist instead. 
  • Treat your passion like a business. At work we sit at a desk, focus on a goal  and as a result get a lot of work done. You should blog with the same attitude.
  • Content is key. Content is the most important thing on your blog, without it any another thing you do for your blog is a waste.
  • Be consistent. 
  • Write an editorial calendar and use it as a guideline. This will help structure and organize your posts.
  • See everything as an opportunity and make the best of it.
  • Unique content like videos and exclusive interviews give people a reason to read your blog.

  • Be humble. It's important to be nice to people you meet.
  • To protect the work you share on the internet, copyright it and watermark your pictures.
  • Own your own domain. This is very important because every day you don’t is a day someone else could use your business name.
  • Social networks work well together and are a great way to promote your blog.


  1. Hey Stella,its hard to find makeup like Inglot and MUFE here in the UK or NIGA, do you plan to do an online service for selling and shipping products?

  2. hey stella can u please tell me where i can purchase the pencil you use for ur eyebrows? :)

  3. Hey Stella. I have always enjoyed your blog. Just wanted to say thanks for all the info you always have available. from you i have learnt to fix my own strip lashes, depot eye shadows,have an idea of various make-up brands from a fellow nigerian sister. Your blog is my fav....

  4. Oh Stella, what would we do without you our 'Nigerian MUA in diaspora'. thanks for all the tips you bring our way via your blog. Well done.

  5. I introduced Ngor, my sister to your blog and that was the last time she ever visited the Chinese salon to get her nails done. She got so inspired that she went nail shopping that same day. She has sent me pictures and I must confess, she has really improved. And that's not even everything...Eyelashes too...Next thing I'll hear, she will be sewing her own clothes and making her own hair....

  6. @Cece Nope, sorry...
    @Folake, that depends on where you live :-).
    In Paris/NY: Sephora or Makeup Forever stores, UK: PAM...
    @Yazi, Barby & Ngor Thanks so much. you are the reason I do this...x
    @Honeydame I'm sooo flattered you have no idea!


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