Thursday, September 1

NOTD: Pretty in Pink Nail Art

These nails remind me of the time when pink was my fav color; its sooo pretty :-)
For these nails I used Clear Straight Forward nail tips from Magnetic, pink glitter from So Nails, pink acrylic powder and acrylic liquid from Star nails.

First I stuck the tips on and cut them. Then using a little acrylic powder and liquid as a binding agent, I applied the glitter to the nail tips.

After the design was done I covered my entire nail with acrylic powder and liquid.
File to shape and buff to a shine...
So pink is no longer my favorite color (its now purple btw) , but I still <3 pink!



  1. Pink is my favourite color! I gotta love these!!!!I wish I could reproduce it on my own nails!

  2. Oh dear I love it when you do nail arts. Yea you're just like me. Pink used to be my favorite but I'm gradually getting into purple and magenta. I still love pink though :)
    I'm now ffg your blog.
    Here's mine
    Would be nice to see you around

  3. Thanks ladies
    @Fanny you can always try ;-)
    @MsJB I'll def check your blog out


  4. Somewhat off topic: Have you tried Revlon's Expressionist collection? They have a polish called Facets of Fuschia that looks like a close dupe of Deborah Lippman's Bad Romance.


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