Monday, September 12

Product Review: H&M 5 Pack Nail Polish (Petrol, Berry, Coral, Purple & Mustard)

As usual, I went into H&M for something and ended up leaving with nail polish (not the thing I went in for! LOL)
I bought the set for the Mustard and Petrol shades, lets hope they turn out as good as they look in the bottle.
They come in a little clear cube with a carbon base that holds 5,  5ml bottles of nail polish. The presentation is cute and would probably make a nice gift (if you were looking for a gift under 7euros that is ;-) 
This set of 5ml of 5 different shades retails for 5.95Euros.
This set is available at H&M.
Product & Performance
So far, I’m really happy with the cover I get from the H&M nail polishes. With each 5ml bottle you should get approximately 4 full (fingers and toes) applications.

Overall, this is great value for money, especially if you want to try edgy shades but don't want to splurge on OPI (13Euros for 15ml) on a shade you won't use often. Definitely worth a try.

More details after I've used each shade.



  1. I agree with you on the value for money. Nice colors too.

  2. nice colors, which is your favorite dearie?

  3. Thanks :-)
    @ Destiny definitely Mustard!

  4. I love Petrol! It's actually more teal than the picture suggests...


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