Sunday, October 9

Disneyland Paris

A day in the happiest place on earth…

Sleeping beauty’s Castle

Cinderella’s Carriage 

Trying to pull out King Arthur’s Sword

The Minnie Twins LOL

On Space Mountain... awesome ride (not for the faint hearted LOL)

In line for Star Tours

In line for the Indiana Jones ride, my personal favorite. This ride should be avoided at all costs if you don’t like a thrill (or have heart problems). This is the most thrilling/fun ride in the park, and I mean OMG-I'm-going-to-die-dashing-through-the-dark-and- flipping-upside down thrilling. Loved it! 

A glimpse of some of the characters before the show...
The Frog Princess and her Prince. Far right, Jasmine's perfect ponytail...
The Genie
A wizard...
The show was at night so my pictures were crappy but my video…

My souvenir, I make it a point not to buy souvenirs I cannot use, so a mug was just perfect :D




  1. How cute! I love Disneyland too! Everytime I go there I feel like a little girl again! And by the way You should consider wearing Minnie ears and bow more often because you look really cute with them lol

  2. U sure had fun dear, Thanks for sharing!

  3. gosh! i miss you and Paris! we look so so cute x


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