Tuesday, October 25

Product Review: ColorVue Big Eye Contact Lenses

Big Eyes for Defined Look
Material : Hydrogel Terpolymer
Base Curve : 8.6mm      Centre Thickness : 0.05
Diameter : 14.0mm         Water Content : 45%
Replacement : 1 Month (frequent use) or 3 Months (occasional use)
Big Eyes lenses produce defined, big and colourful eyes. Made from newly developed skin like material which prevent damage to cornea. The Big Eyes is remarkably comfort on eye as a result of excellent oxygen permeability. The lenses are manufactured through sandwich method, prevent the color in contact with eyes, ensure safe wearing.
On their website they retail for  $18.90 but I got my pair for 20 from Bela Kosmetic.

Each pair of ColorVue big eye contact lenses come in a small carton box. The inside of which contains instructions for use and care of the lenses

ColorVue contacts are available on their website and also from some distributors like Bela Kosmetic from whom I got my pair at the Makeup Show Berlin
With and without Party Green Big contact lenses
ColorVue big eye contact lenses are bigger than regular lenses. I got a cosmetic pair in a shade called Party Green. A bright green shade with a black outer rim. Party green a lot lighter than it appears on their website so beware. I rinsed the contacts, put them on and experienced ZERO. ColorVue contacts are also available with custom prescriptions.
I won't wear these everyday but I think they are pretty cute for a bit of fun. No?



  1. gorgeous :) i was jut looking at colorvue lens online in green, so this is sealing the deal for me. i want blue too

  2. Hey, nice site you have here! Keep up the excellent work!

    Big Eyes Contact Lens

  3. hey i have the same natural colour eyes as u and was wondering if the bronw in the one tone basics from coourvue would show up?! let me know if u tried them, btw u look fab! :)

  4. Thank you, unfortunately Party Green is the only color I have tried... so far ;-)

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