Thursday, October 6

Product Review: Inglot Rainbow Eye Shadow

New additions to Inglots range of eye shadows. The rainbow eye shadows were launched mid July this year. 

Inglot Rainbow eye shadows come in Inglot’s signature Freedom system magnetic palettes. They come in different sizes to hold 2, 4, 5, 10, 20 0r 40 square eye shadows pans.

The rainbow eye shadows retail for $7 each for 2.5gr of product while the square Matte shades retail for $5 for 2.3gr.

Available for sale online in the US, Australia & UK and Inglot stores around the world. Click HERE for the complete list of stores.

Product & Performance
Inglot Rainbow  eye shadows are like the Inglot Matte eye shadows; with a soft, smooth powdery feel and really good color pay off.

A notable difference is that each pan is divided in 3, with 3 shades in the same color family
While this is a great way to collect many shades on a budget, keeping the shades  clean and separated may be a bit of a challenge though.

I bought 5 shades from Inglot's NYC store the day they were launched...

If you've read any of my previous Inglot eye shadow reviews you already know they are pigmented. The rainbow eye shadows are no exception. Good value for money especially considering you get 3 shades for the price of one. 
I'm happy with this purchase and will likely buy more shades... 


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  1. Definitely going to pick some of these up at IMATS in July, providing they have them. Great deal for the price & beautiful pigmentation!


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