Thursday, 30 June 2011

Nigerian Blog Awards Nomination!!!

This year Stella's Addiction has been nominated for a Nigerian Blog Award in the "Best Beauty Blog" category.
This is my first nomination so its really exciting. I already said this on twitter but I'll really like to thank  everyone who nominated me, I appreciate it.

Voting started on the 27th of June and it will close on the 7th of July. To support Stella's Addiction please click the badge below or in my sidebar to vote :-)

Lets win this!

Thank you divas.


NOTD: Turqouis from Pina Parie

In the mood for some brights :-)

The nail color is from Pina Parie in NR31, a bright shimmery turquoise shade.

Just like the lash shade I tried months ago, with 2 coats you can achieve the color intensity seen in the bottle.
It comes in a 12ml bottle and retailed for 4.50 Euros at the "Journées de l'ongle et du Maquillage".

I like this one very much. It's out there but still wearable (for me at least LOL) 
What do you think, just right or too bright...


NOTD: The Making of Stiletto Nails

Giving the old square nails (my all time fav) a break and returning to the stiletto nail shape that are now growing on me...

For these nails I used Diamond Style tips from Diamond cosmetics, and clear acrylic powder and acrylic liquid from Star nails.
I'm loving the curve
First I stuck the tips on and cut them. These tips are so pretty it's a pity I'm no where near bold enough to keep them as long or as pointed as they come...
Next I filled the tips to shape (wearable stilettos) and I covered them with the acrylic powder and liquid.

File to shape and they are ready for nail color :-)


Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Product Review: Sephora Lash Amplifier

I was curious when I saw this tool and since it was pretty cheap I figured I might as well...
They say:
Dream lashes on a plate!
The lash amplifier maximizes the effect of your mascara. Each time, load your lashes and give the unrivaled volume and curve!
The +; an application with no risk of smudging on the eyelid.

Just looking at it you can probably figured out how to use it but just in case it comes with instructions i about 7 different languages :-)

This handy tool made of silvery-grey plastic retails for 3,90 € at Sephora. As shown above it folds in half and takes up very little space.
A great shield, the curve fits well with the shape of your eye to prevent you from getting mascara smudges on your eye lids/face. You can heap your mascara without fear of staining especially on your lower lashes. Also because you don't have to be careful with the application it allows you to work a lot faster. The comb on the other end helps get rid of clumps.

Well worth the money, its cheap, gets the job done and saves your time too :-)


Monday, 27 June 2011

FOTD: Graduation Classic.

For my graduation I wanted a look that would great in pictures withou being too much. For this I used the Urban decay Naked palette...

Mat velvet+ foundation in 75 from MUFE, Maqpro cream pigment in 2004 (contour) and Cover cream in Golden brown from Dermablend (highlight). Set with Deluxe finishing powder in Dark & Neutral light from Black Opal, Face contour kit in Dark from Sleek and Love rush blush from Mac.

Brows filled with brow pencil in No.3 from MUFE, Dermablend in Golden brown on my brow bone set with Naked eye shadow from the Urban Decay Naked palette.

On my eye lids, I’m wearing primer potion in Sin, eye shadow in Toasted all over my lid and Hustle in my outer corner and crease all from Urban decay. I lined my upper eyelid with MaqPro eyeliner in black and my waterline with Urban decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero. I’m wearing Eldora lashes in B161 (loving them by the way) and Classic black mascaa from, Black Opal. 

I’m wearing Aqua lip liner in 13C from MUFE, Lip cover in Hibiscus from Burberry and lip junkies lip gloss in Jilted.


MBA Graduation!!!

I did it!!!

It's so exciting, earlier this month I graduated from my MBA program. I'm so happy you can't imagine. All the sleepless nights and studying till the sun came up finally paid off.
The ceremony was held in Cité des sciences here in Paris and I attended and fortunately for me some of my family members came too :-)

Big bro
Big Sis
Happy Happy Happy!!!

This is living proof that you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to. Don't let anyone tell you different!


Thursday, 23 June 2011

FOTD: She’s Got The Blues

Mat velvet+ foundation in 75 & 80 set with Deluxe finishing powder in dark from Black Opal and Love rush blush from Mac

Brows filled with brown brow pencil from Sleek, black Opal foundation in Truly topaz on my brow bone set with D.S 463 from Inglot.
On my eyelids, I’m wearing Inglot eye shadow in D.S 463, AMC 68 and Maqpro No 7.017 in my outer corner and crease.
I lined my upper eyelid with MaqPro eyeliner in black and my waterline with Urban decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero. I’m wearing Black opal mascara in Classic black.

I absolutely love this lip combo! I lined my lips with Aqua lip pencil from MUFE in 13C, filled with NYC lipstick in Power and Urban decay Lip Junkies lip gloss in Jilted.


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

What's In My Bag tag

Last month my dear friend Daks of ThirdWorldProfashional tagged me, so here it is

The Rules
1. Take a picture of your bag.
2. Take a picture of its contents.
3. Explain!
4. Tag as many bloggers as you want, that you'd like to see the contents of their bags.

I'll admit I am a bit curious about what ladies carry about. I personally have a thing for filling any bag I carry big or small, if I take it out I take it out full LOL.
This is an example of my bag's contents for a regular school day...

The Bag:

This is my Yesterday-Today-& Tomorrow bag LOL, which means I use it a lot, especially for school. It's a big red faux patent leather bag from Zara. I think its cute, the color goes with a lot of outfits or at least I think it does :-), and it big enough to fit my laptop :-)

The Contents:

  1. My MacBook. I do a lot on my laptop from watching my favorite series to blogging and taking notes in class (and tweeting during the boring classes to stay awake ;-) I have a laptop bag but I prefer to fit everything in one bag.
  2. My Wallet. Cash, my cards, international sim cards, emergency pair of earrings. You know normal stuff :-)
  3. SNCF discount travel card. I have been taking classes in Lille for about a year now so this card was necessary to avoid breaking bank :-) If you travel regularly from France by train and are less than 25 (even by a day) you should get this card. It gets you up to 50% off all trips including international trips.
  4. Lady Gaga beats earphones. Music is an absolute necessity for traveling by train, within or outside Paris. Its also a great tool for ignoring weirdoes on the underground.
  5. My Rosary.  I usually have at least one rosary on me; in my bag, my finger, wrist... somewhere
  6. Navigo Pass.  My one year Paris travel card.
  7. Contacts case. I'm short sighted so its this or my glasses. I'll wear my contacts unless I'm in a hurry, not in the mood to poke my eyes or my makeup subtle/ too much for where I'm going.
  8. A pen. I do most of my on-the-go writing on my phone or laptop but just in case I need to do things the old fashioned way...
  9. Hand and Body Lotion. I got this in a gift set with the Ange ou demon eau de parfun that I absolutlyl love. Ashy is not a good look on chocolate skin.
  10. Makeup PurseThis is obviously my "mobile" makeup purse as only a fraction of my makeup collection could fit in it. Contrary to what many of my friends think, I only carry lipgloss (Urdan decay's lip Junkies lipgloss in Jilted), blotting powder (Urdan decay de-slick powder) and a powder brush around with me.
  11. Tissues. An absolute must no matter how small my bag is or where I'm going. Blotting, wiping, cleaning... you never know when you'll need it.
  12. My IphoneMusic, twitter, email, GPS (lets not forget I'm an alien in Paris ;-), Skype...
  13. My keys. House keys, store, travel padlocks... My 2 key holders are from my collection of Europen churches I have visited; Notre dame de Paris and Sequoia familia in Barcelona.
Thats my bag!
Now I'm to tag other bloggers who's bags I will like to see... I'm tagging all of you. You! Yes, you! Tag your it!

Monday, 20 June 2011

OMG! The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Trailer

OMG!!! I just saw the trailer for Breaking Dawn and I so cant wait to see the movie!!!

I am a big Twilight fan and I think Rob Pattinson is super hot. Yeah I said it! Mock me if you want I don't care :P LOL #Twihard

Now that  I have more spare time on my hands, I'm reading the Twilight Saga books (which I have had since September 2010 but absolutely no time to read them)  in a bid to finish all four before the next movie comes out in November and I have to say I'm loving them.
The books are way better than the movies, so if you like the movies, go get the books!

After watching many "Fake" trailers I stumbled across a real one last night. It was released about 2weeks ago so you might have already seen it but just in case I thought I'd share. Enjoy...

I've seen it about a 100 times now LOL.


Sunday, 19 June 2011

NOTD: AquaViolet Nail Art

For these nails I used Clear Straight Forward nail tips from Magnetic, Violine (purple) glitter from Montetico, turquoise sequins and giant glitter, pink acrylic powder and acrylic liquid from star nails.

First I stuck the tips on and cut them. Then I put the sequins and glitter on using the acrylic powder and liquid. After the design is done I covered my entire nail bed with the acrylic powder and liquid.
File to shape and buff to a shine.

All done! I really like this color combo. I think it looks nice against my skin tone :-)


Saturday, 18 June 2011

FOTD: Nigerian Violet

A while ago I was asked to do an African look. In case you didn't already know I am Nigerian so I decided to do a Nigerian look ;-)
I hope you like it and were not expecting a "bone-in-nose-spear-griping" type look LOL, because when I think Africa thats not what comes to mind.

This look is really typical, in Nigeria today you would see women dressed like this at parties, weddings and even church (yes we show up in our "Sunday best" ;-)
Characteristics of Nigerian makeup: Matchy matchy eyeshadow (yes ,it must match what you are wearing), and dou color lips (that's a must LOL)
I'm wearing stick foundation in Truly topaz, Beautiful bronze and Carob, set with Deluxe finishing powder in Neutral light and Dark all from Black Opal, Sleek Face contour kit in Dark and Loverush blush from Mac.
Brows filled with brown brow pencil from Sleek, black Opal foundation in Truly topaz on my brow bone set with Sin eye shadow from the Urban Decay Naked palette.
On my eye lids,  NYX eyeshadow base in W/Pearl, Fred Farrugia eye shadows from the No.17 palette, Retrograde eye shadow from Urban decay and Inglot D.S.494.
I lined my upper eyelid with MaqPro eye liner in black and my waterline with Urban decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero. The lashes are No34 from Mac with Black opal mascara in Black.

Lined with MUFE Rouge artiste in No 49 filled with NYX Power and Sleek Highshine lipgloss in Sweet sixteen. 

Hope you like :D

Product Review: Alessandro Denim Diva Nail Tattoos

The pack retails for 4.95 and contains 2 sheets of 10 nail tattoos in 5 different sizes.

The application is quite simple; no different from the application of the tattoos that come with bubble gum :-)
  • Prepare the nail surface you would like to wear the tattoo on.
  • Cut out the tattoo that best fits the nail
  • Remover the clear sheet covering the design, and stick the tattoo face down on your nail
  • Wet the paper side of the tattoo until the paper cover can slide off easily (To do this I pressed a wet sponge on the tattoo)
  • File of any excess. The Tattoo is really soft and malleable so you can easily remove any design that get on where you don't want it.
  • Seal the design. You could do this with top coat or gel .
The largest design on my thumb
Very detailed design and it's really easy to put on so you can definitely do this yourself. 
I sealed them with Seche Vite top coat hoping it would have the same effect it does on nail polish...Wrong! I could only keep the design for a couple of days because it started to scratch of :-(. If you will like to try these tattoos I suggest you seal the pattern with some gel (get it done professionally if you are not  pro), otherwise prepare to take it of in 2 days...
I was also disappointed in the size of the tattoos. They were quite small and I apparently have big fingers so they were too small for my nails. I ended up complementing the denim design with black nail polish because the design could not cover my entire nail bed, The largest tattoo fit my third largest finger X_x

The Alessandro Denim collection also includes gel nail color and nail polish. Alessandro international products are available from different distributors around the world check their store locator to find one.

In all is an affordable nail art tool, the design is very detailed but regular top coat does a poor job of sealing it so go for a gel cover.

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