The Make Up Show Europe, Berlin: The Grand Finale... My Haul

I tried, I really did, I tried to be good  *sheepish look* but as you are about to learn, I wasn’t very successful.
Before the show I did some homework and figured out the stands I wanted to hit, what I wanted to get/try.  I started out with these stands but as time went on I strayed from my well thought out shopping list…

Magnolia Makeup: 11 loose pigments, 1 blush, 1 lip pigment and 2 glitters. 

I Make You Beutiful: 4 Dvds, lash glue, Kiss eye lashes, glitter, Pop-Shine-Seal and pigments
Glamcor: Classic light system 
DaVinci brushes: 2 eye shadow brushes, 2 acrylic nail brushes and brush cleanser
Jouvert: Cream blush, gel liner and eye shadow

Jack’s Beauty Department: 3 pairs of lashes

Crown: Eyeshadow blending brush, nail art brushes and ring palette (I’m not sure what to call it lol)

Alcone: Lash curler and Super Matte

Cinema Secrets: Hollywood lights Tacky

Senna Cosmetics: DVD and brow stencils

Bela Kosmetic: Green contacts

The Powder group: 4 Clear makeup bags

That's it. Looks and reviews will follow shortly. 
Let me know if there is a review you will like to see and I will push it up my list :-)
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The Make Up Show Europe: The Perfect Brow by Euginia Weston for Senna Cosmetics

This seminar was an absolute must for my quest for brow skill improvement. Below, I share some of the tips I picked up. You might have heard some of them before but chances are you’ll find something new…

  • Everybody can get an arch. Lower the beginning and raise the tail to get one.
  • You are probably familiar with the 3 points to keep in mind when shaping an eyebrow. Well, there is a 4th one! A diagonal one from the inner corner of the opposite eye, across the nose to the brow. This forms a triangle that should create the beginning of the brow.
  • Tweezing vs Wax = Couture vs Discount store
  • Fill the brow to the desired shape and then remove hairs that are outside it.
  • Go over brow area with astringent before tweezing to soften skin and make tweezing easier.
  • Hold the eye taught to reduce pain
  • When the desired shape is achieved, brush the hairs up and trim them. They should all be the same length and not exceed the shape of the brow.
  • When you fill in sparse areas with brow powder, go over the area with wax first to create a hair-like texture.
  • Fill in sparse or empty areas of the brow instead of the whole brow.

  • Brush over brows to spread product evenly and blend out any areas with too much product
  • Highlight brow bone and top of brow for an extra lift.
  • Finish the brow by setting it with brow gel.

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FOTD: Barely There

I wore this look for my second day at The Makeup Show Berlin. Sleep deprived from my night out with Diva, short on time but determined to look good in my pictures...
Cover cream in Golden Brown from Dermablend (highlight) and Mat velvet+ foundation in 75 from Makeup Forever set with Mineral Rice Powder in Medium from Young blood, Duo Mat in 213 from Makeup Forever, Face contour kit in Dark from Sleek Makeup and Loverush blush from Mac.

Brows filled with brow pencil in No.3 from MUFE, Dermablend  in Golden brown  on my brow bone set with Naked eye shadow from the Urban decay Naked palette.
On my lids; foundation and powder (to make this crease proof wear your favorite eye shadow primer before the foundation and powder).
I finished the look with salon perfect demi whispies.

Shimmer glaze lip gloss in Forbidden fruit from Sleek Makeup.

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The Makeup Show Europe, Berlin: Beauty Blogging and Beyond with Felicia Walker Benson

This seminar was presented by Felicia Walker Benson of ThisThatBeauty.

I was the first person at the seminar so in addition to my front row seat, I got to have a  1 on 1 with Felicia :-) She was great, really sweet, friendly and inspiring. By the end of the seminar my head was full of ideas to improve my blog.

Here are some of the tips she shared with us...
  • Have a unique voice, don't just regurgitate press releases. This will help set you apart.
  • Use proper grammar and correct punctuation.
  • Be careful what you call your self. Avoid labels like “product junkie” try expert or  makeup artist instead. 
  • Treat your passion like a business. At work we sit at a desk, focus on a goal  and as a result get a lot of work done. You should blog with the same attitude.
  • Content is key. Content is the most important thing on your blog, without it any another thing you do for your blog is a waste.
  • Be consistent. 
  • Write an editorial calendar and use it as a guideline. This will help structure and organize your posts.
  • See everything as an opportunity and make the best of it.
  • Unique content like videos and exclusive interviews give people a reason to read your blog.

  • Be humble. It's important to be nice to people you meet.
  • To protect the work you share on the internet, copyright it and watermark your pictures.
  • Own your own domain. This is very important because every day you don’t is a day someone else could use your business name.
  • Social networks work well together and are a great way to promote your blog.
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Between the airport and The Makeup Show I had a few hours to play tourist in Berlin. My tour was mostly limited to the Mitte area extending to Kreuzberg on my way home. Here is what I saw... 

Brandenburg tour


Then I got lost and came across a memorial and a pretty park...

The Holocaust Memorial 

Guess who I ran into on my stroll down Unter den Linden? My favorite sparkly vampire ;-)

Pictures on a spot where the wall used to be...

Check point Charlie 

Graffiti on the Mercury hotel wall.

Curry 36

According to my copy of the lonely planet, Curry wursts are a must when in Berlin. So as a big fan of junk food I went down to Curry 36 and tried them put for myself. As it turns out, I love them! I like all things curry so this was no surprise.

Not speaking a word of German was almost never an issue, thankfully most Germans (or at least the Germans I met) speak good English too. I did however, go round in circles once trying to get out of a train station because I didn't know what "Exit" was in German. Its "Ausfart" by the way, just in case you were wondering
If like me you are a chocolate sister, prepare to be stared at. I experienced the same thing in Rome, I guess it has something to do with the fact that there aren't that many of us there. Its harmless but if you are overly self conscious this can get uncomfortable. I just pretend I'm a really glamorous celebrity (like Beyoncé) spotted on vacation LOL!

I had a great time in Berlin. Of course the people I was with and the make up show I was there for had a lot to do with it. Berlin is one of the most affordable European cities I have visited so far.


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Sneak Peek at Rea Morris's Professional Brush Set

Have you heard about Rea Morris's brushes? Last weekend at The Makeup show Europe, I got to see them first hand.
Described by some as "orgasmic", they are some of the softest brushes I've will ever seen.

The set will be launched today at IMATS Sydney. The full set of 26 brushes retails for $899 an average of $35 per brush. They are now available as a set and will be available for individual sale early next year. 
In addition to being extra soft;
Most of the brushes have pointed tips for precision, you can apply more pressure for a general application. 

P.S In case you were wondering what gift to get me, feel free to start here :-)

Don't miss any of my posts on The Makeup Show Berlin!


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