Friday, January 27

My First Fish Pedicure :-)

Just before the Christmas holidays I got my very first Fish Pedicure.
I ‘ll be honest, I've wanted to get one since  Wilhelmina from Ugly Betty got one (some time in 2007 I think) *hides face*
Anywhoo here's how it went...

I had mine done at the  L’Etoile Spa, 19 av de la Grande Armée 75016 Paris
 *Pls forgive the picture quality; they were taken with my iPhone

How did it feel?
I’m really ticklish so the tiny fish nibbling at my feet had me in stitches! I could barely sit still (which you need to by the way so you don’t scare the fish away LOL). After a lot of hard work, the best I could do was sit still with a goofy smile on my face, like I swallowed a hanger or something LOL.
My tank before I got in...

I'm in!!!

My feet were super soft after my 30-minute session. I figured that had a little something to do with the fact I just had my feet in water for 30 minutes - true, but hours later my feet were still soft :-)
I was happy the results and I’m pretty sure that frequent fish pedicures will restore baby soft feet ;-)

My Pedicure cost 40Euros but thanks to Groupon I got a 50% discount. Now that I mentioned it, are you familiar with Groupon? Better get familiar!!!




  1. Groupon is just amazing. I have gotten some many deals from there at amazing latest deal is 12 zumba classes for £12...

    i've never tried fish pedicure but will keep an eye out for any groupon deals

  2. You totally should! 12 Zumba classes for £12? Wow! Lucky you ;-)

  3. Groupon is indeed amazing! And so is the fish pedicure. Never had one, but now I'm curious. LOL

  4. LOL you should totally try it ;-)

  5. Happy birthday! i found out on twitter :)


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