Tuesday, March 27

How To: Individual False Lashes


I do my individual lashes myself but you’ll need a very steady hand and patience to do this successfully.
You will need:
Lash glue: there are several on the market so you’ll need to pick one depending on colour, durability and desired performance
Lashes: They come in different forms and lengths, in the picture above I'm wearing flares in 3 different lengths; Flare short under, Flare short and Flare medium. 
Tweezers: These are indispensable for me, whether applying them on myself or on a client.
Before, During and After


The key to a natural looking application is spacing out the flares. The fact that you have a full relatively cheap pack (depending on the brand of course) does not mean you need to use it all on one eye! I use 10-15 flares per eye on average.

Slightly tilt your head back for a better view of your lash line. I usually start in my outer corner and work my way in 
If you used different lengths, which you should to mirror the features of natural lashes, start with the longest in the outer corner of the eye and work your way in placing the shortest in the inner corners.
*You can also place the shortest in the outer and inner corner and the longest in the middle.

I placed the false lashes just below my natural lashes but you can place them in-between your lashes too. 



  1. What type of glue do you use?

    1. Here I used Long lasting clear lash glue from Kiss. It didn't last too long though...

  2. great job on applying individuals i've never been good at applying them

    1. They are tricky but you know what they say, practice makes perfect ;-)

  3. Nyc job stellz. U r officially my role model#trueconfession#


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