Thursday, March 29

Inglot Gel Liner #77

I first reviewed Inglot gel liners when I got my first 2 shades (turquoise and purple). I've been using the black one a lot lately (and loving it) so I figured I should  touch base again.
I received this product in the goodie bag from The Makeup Show Europe 2011.

Here's what I think…

  • Smooth creamy texture; I love this because it gives you enough time to apply it before it dries.
  • Very impressive color pay off, its black black not some ashy almost black.
  • Dries matte 
  • Totally smudge proof, in fact its pretty waterproof. It doesn’t say so on the pot but I’m pretty sure you could swim with this on (as long as you don’t rub it).
  • Long lasting, I will stay put until you clean it.

  • Its tough to clean off, you’ll need to use a good makeup remover, water is not enough and neither are baby wipes (trust me I tried!)
  • Avoid getting it on lashes, if it dries on your lashes it will be tough to get off.
  • As with most gel liners, it will leave your brush hard unless you wipe off excess product immediately after use. I do this with a baby wipe once I’m done with the application because leaving it to dry can spoil your brushes bristles…

I am loving this liner at the moment, thinking of making it a staple in my kit :-)

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