Thursday, June 13

Product Review: Bdellium Tools Luxury 24pc set*

Bdellium Tools Luxury 24pc brush set is a set of 24 antibacterial makeup brushes that comes with a faux leather pouch that fits all 24 brushes. This set is part of the Studio line which features the classic 7 layer lacquered yellow handle with anodized aluminium ferrule.

This brush set is available from Stella's Addiction makeup Studio & Boutique (N30,000), ($181.50) & (£119.98). 

Brushes in the Luxury 24pc set

As is the case with most large brush sets, you will find brushes with duplicated functions as in the case of 733s & 722s; 2 interchangeable brushes for brows & lashes. While some may see this as a waste I personally like to have duplicates as this makes it possible for me do several faces without reusing brushes.

I experienced minor shedding with the larger brushes (powder & blush brushes) the 1st couple of washes but since then they've been fine.
Roll-up pouch

A good start for your professional brush set at a decent price. 24 brushes will be too much for a personal collection unless you happen to be a brush lover like myself. These brushes are good quality, soft and very attractive, I get complements almost every time I whip these babies out. Plus they are antibacterial, that will help keep your clients germ free. A downside for me however, is the absence of a flat eye shadow brush which I tend to prefer. Other than that I am really happy with this purchase, I've had these for about a year now and they are still going strong.


*Products available at Stella's Addiction Boutique


  1. Great post! Nice and detailed, thanks for taking the time out to post! <3

  2. wow! i've been seeing this brush set used by pro makeup artist and I want them too.. too bad they're too expensive..

    1. Hi Stella, shopping for a pro set of brushes you want to invest in a good set that will not need to be replaced. if you ask me, I'd say save and get a set thats worth it.

  3. stella i want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls do a competition so we can contest for it

  4. This is so lovely,how do I get it?coz I stay in Ibadan...

    1. Hello Oyinda,
      Please send me an email (stellasaddiction at gmail dot com) and I will give you all the details you need...x

  5. Are these mini brushes? or are they full size?

  6. Thanks! I bought them. They're amazing!

  7. Hi Stella, please can you post a link where I can go shop for it, if it's still available. Thanks


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