Friday, June 7

The Makeup Show NY Haul

The final installment of my chronicles from The Makeup Show NY; My haul

So this year I made a shopping list and tried (hard!) to stick to it and be smart with my spending...I kinda succeeded! Woop

Here's what I got:

An Infinity Palette from Magnolia Makeup

My beloved Zuca is finally here! I got a Zuca Flyer Artist in all black :D

Lip tars & Stainned gloss from OCC Makeup

Aqua brows from Makeup Forever

Ben Nye powders, Tweesors and Beauty Blenders from Alcone

A Professional lash extensions kit & training from J'aimee lashes

An airbrush kit from Temptu

Eyeshadows (not pictured), lip & eye pencils from Cinema secrets

BB+D cream from AJ Crimson

A glitter kit from Lit Cosmetics

Makeup brushes from Bdellium Tools, Crown brush & Alcone

Eye shadow palettes from OFRA Cosmetics (which I was in such a hurry to try I forgot to photograph)

Makeup brush shampoo from The London brush company

Reviews and looks to follow!



  1. All Black Everythiiing!!!!! Fab haul hun!!!

  2. Are they for ur studio or for personal use

    1. They are mostly for my kit, the glitter is kinda for me though ;-)


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