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Product Review: Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse

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Dermalogica pre-cleanse is one of the 1st products out of my press bag from The Makeup Show New York that I've tried. If you wear as much makeup as I do sometimes, you need to make sure you are taking it all of, and I mean ALL off!

Pre-cleanse from Dermalogica is an oil based makeup remover. Designed as a 1st step in cleansing your face it prepares your face for cleansing by removing makeup and other impurities that settle on the skin in the course of the day.

Pre-cleanse is applied on dry hands, massaged onto the face then after adding some water, massaged again to dissolve makeup and debris.
Pretty unusual method for me as I am used to wipes and cotton-wool. Massaging the oil on my face with all my makeup on left my sink looking like a clay-man had died there and my hands the murder weapon, that said it did take all my makeup off. I was really impressed with pre-cleanse's ability to remove even the toughest makeup (Inglot black gel liner!). I tested its efficiency by wiping my face with white tissue after rinsing of Pre-clease but before washing my face and the white tissue remained white!

Pre-cleanse comes in a basic white bottle with a grey cap like the rest of Dermalogica's product line. Pre-cleanse retails for $37 and is available from retailers around the world click to check the store locators for  US, UK and Nigeria and SA

Watch the video for a product demo

I'm really loving this! impressed with how easily it takes off makeup, even stubborn gel eye liner and glitter. It is however oil based, so if you have any kind of false lashes on (individuals, extensions or strips you want to sleep in) this cleanser is not for you! If you don't like scented face products you may not love it either as it has a pretty strong lemon grassy-essential oil smell to it, I didn't mind it though.

Have you tried any Dermalogica products?



  1. This is good. Where can I get their products in Nigeria plzz. Have never used their products

    1. Please click on Nigeria and SA in the post above for a full list.

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