Tribute To My Muse Adaora Okoli

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

They say every artist has a muse. If I ever had one it was Adaora. She joined my team in our very early days as an intern. While she took makeup classes from me, I practiced makeup on her and as a result I have several gorgeous photos of Adaora many of which till this day adorn the walls of my studio and my promo materials.

The news of Adaora's passing reached me a while ago and to be honest I am still having trouble accepting it. She was so young and so beautiful its hard to imagine she is no longer with us. The news left me in total shock. The title of this post should be "life is short" in fact super short. I have lost people close to me in my life but I have to say this loss has been the hardest to accept. I just can't really believe it.

Our time here is limited, very limited. We hear this all the time but never imagine actually leaving until we are old and grey. Unfortunately not all of us are so lucky. Just after easter, Adaora was in a fatal car accident. She will be terribly missed. I pray the good Lord will bless and keep her family and friends, especially her little sisters and give them the strength to bare their loss.

In Adaora's honour, all week I will be sharing some of my favourite pictures of her on instagram. Here are some from my last shoot with her at Insignia studio with Kola Olafusi.

Rest In Peace Adaora Okoli, you are truly missed


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  1. Oh my really does dish the worst meals sometimes.may her soul rest In perfect peace

  2. So sad. Such a stunning girl. Sorry about your loss Stella.

  3. Oh my God! This beautiful lady is dead? This is sooo sad!

  4. There are no words for this kind of loss, it is my prayer that we see old age or until the Lord comes. Death has lost it's sting.


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