Monday, May 25

The Makeup Show NYC 2015 Part 2 : Who I saw + Art & Inspiration

As promised here is more from The Makeup Show NY 2015. This time I will be sharing some familiar faces I spotted in the crowd and one of my favourite parts of the show - the art. One of the awesome features of the show is being able to meet amazing artists and brand reps and founders.
With James Vincent, I learn so much from him every single year

Finally got to meet Tina of The Fancy Face at the blogger preview after trying 3 years in a row LOL
Dany Sanz, legendary founder of Makeup Forever Paris

Kat Von D

Ashunta Sheriff
Reggie Wells
Micheal Develis
When you have this many talented artists in a room, amazing makeup is bound to follow...
Matthew Anderson serving smokey eye realness

That's it ladies! I hope you enjoyed these, I know I did. Next up...The Haul!!!



  1. That's it!

    I'm definately attending the next one!

  2. Wow! That's a lot of amazing talent under a roof.

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