Monday, March 14

NOTD: Crystal Clear & Off White

Inspired by one too many nail art images on Instagram, I decided to try my hands on nail art on clear nails. This is my first attempt so they are far from perfect but I really enjoyed these and got so many compliments. Some of my clients even asked me to do theirs :-) (FYI I only do nails on the moment ;-)

To achieve this design I first had clear acrylic nails done and filled in a coffin shape. I have professionals do my base these days to save time. These were done at Nail Studio in V/I. The nail polish I used is #629 O2M Breathable Enamel from Inglot, the crystals are from Amazing Shine* and the glitter is from IMYB by Danessa Myricks.

The process...

I cut and applied tape to parts of may nails I didn't want the polish to get to, painted may nails took the pate off and then applied the crystals with nail glue...

The tape stopped the polish from getting into places I didn't want it but the lines were not as clean as I would want. There is specialized tape for this type of design so next time will be better.




  1. They look nice! Erm, how do you do makeup with long nails? :p

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