Spa Mondial et Beauté: Journées du Maquillage et l'ongles (Days of make up and nails)

On the 13th of March I attended The Journée de maquillage et l'ongle by Spa Mondial & Beauté.
The event is mostly about beauty from a well being perspective but last year they introduced a new section: Journées d'ongles et maquillage (day of make up and nails). The event within an even comes complete with student and pro competitions in make up and nails. Last year I was disappointed they didn't have a lot of make up but the nail section kind of made up for it and thus was my introduction to nail art ;-)

This year I think there might have been even less make up but I didn't mind because I went for the  nail art. It was much bigger this year with tons more exhibitors.

Enough talk...

Yes you are seeing right, its not just in the movies anymore :-)
With the editor of MUP magazine

My haul...

MUP magazine subscription, Free make up brush set,  Konad plates, stamp and scraper, konad polish, Pina parie polish, giant glitter, regular glitter, rhinestones, crystals, nail stickers nail files, large eye shadow brush, Trendy nail wrap, clear nail tips...
Reviews and lots of nail art ahead ;-)


Stella's 2011 Oscar Red Carpet Favorites

This year was a bit bleh for me. I usually have a hard time cutting the list down to just 10 favs but this year 5 was all I could find.

Here they are ...
matthew mcconaughey camila alves 2011 oscars 06
My number 1 this year is Camila Alves in Kaufman Franco, absolutely gorgeous.

sandra bullock oscars 04
Sandra Bullock in Vera Wang gown, a beautiful strapless red dress she rocked with matching lips.
jennifer hudson oscars 2011 01
Jennifer Hudson in Versace. A bright orange halter gown that hugged her figure in all the right places.
hailee steinfeld 2011 oscars 03
Hailee Steinfeld in Marchesa. I love how age appropriate yet glamorous this dress is. I hear she even helped design it!
jennifer lawrence 2011 oscars 03
Jennifer Lawrence in Calvin Klein, a simple long gown with banging make up to go with it.

Thats it, a short list I know. I was disappointed by many of my usual trend setters on the red carpet this year.

IMATS 2011: Part 5 Dany Sanz and Alex Box

 Alex Box: Make Up, A Performance

Her return appearance at the IMATS filled the main stage designed to seat 300 people. For her performance she drew inspiration form the vibe in the room and the music (that played throughout her demonstration). Yes, you read right; music. This was not your average makeup demo. As the music played she created look after look stepping aside after each one for us to appreciate her creation.  She started with a face with a plain white base and she created 4 looks one after the other, each time building on what she had previously done.

Dany Sanz: Make Up Forever in High Def

The co founder of Make Up For Ever (a big inspiration of mine) re-introduced us to the brand's HD line. Make up forever was the first of a long line of brands to come up with an HD range. At first the seminar seemed like one very long ad, but I admit learning about products from the mind that conceived them made for some new discoveries. 
Models wearing MUFE HD line on the left side of their faces.

                The entire HD range can be used for airbrush make up.
                The blush, which is thicker than the rest of the products, can be mixed with the HD elixir to create the texture needed for airbrushing.
                The HD elixir can be mixed with any product from the HD range for less cover. Or applied to the skin prior to foundation to prep the skin
                The HD powder is used to set foundation but should not be applied like regular powder, very little goes a long way.

I had a chat with Dany and Jacques, the founders of Make Up forever (in french HA!) , oh and yes we are on first name basis now LOL! I wonder if you can tell I was excited to meet them? LMAO.

Thus ends my little IMATS seminar mini-series, I hope it was helpful. Next Up my haul *guilty face*


London IMATS 2011: Part 4 Tool time with Kevin Bennet & Couture beauty with Terry Barber

Tool Time with Kevin James Bennett

For his demonstration he did a Twiggy inspired look. He signed up to talk about tools but ended up covering some essential tips on kit building and technique.
  • To save space in your kit mix colors to make new ones in stead of buying every single color in the market.
  • A really good neutral pallet is essential especially because natural looking faces are the most requested.
  • Contour the eye while the eyes are open as opposed to closed. So you can see exactly where you need it to be.

He stressed the importance of doing things for yourself instead of “cookie cutter make up” which is what he called imitating the way someone else does make up right down to using the same tools and products.

Couture Beauty with Terry Barber

Last year the queue to get into his class was so long 30mins before the class even started so attending was an absolute impossibility. This year determined not to miss it we actually started the line Ha!
Ok tips from Terry; kind of old school but they worked well
-Use strong colors but remember that the parameter for beauty make up is keeping the face beautiful.
-Use beauty basics combined with new forms of expression. Classic looks with a twist of color.
- Extra loose powder under the eyes before applying eye shadow to act as a guard against fall out.
-Layering mascara with a coat of powder in between
-Starting a dramatic eye by defining the desired shape with a pencil. He also used same pencil as a base for eye shadow.
- Guard the chin with tissue when applying glitter to the lip to prevent the glitter from getting on the  face.
 Advice for new artists?
My best advice is to maser the art of making a woman  beautiful before starting with the fantasy make up. Learn to work quickly, because you hardly ever get the amount of time you need. Also when working with limited time you need to know the shortcuts so you can get comfortable working quickly.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Old films, early Marilyn, Elizabeth Taylor, the history of fashion ,90’s photographers as well as urban street fashion.


London IMATS 2011: Part 3 The Guru Summit

Usually after attending a make up show I only share my pictures. This time, in a bid to help my friends and fellow make up lovers who wanted to but could not make it, I will also be sharing some tips I picked up at the seminars/ classes. They will be in 3 posts on the 5 seminars I attended.

The show was lined with a number of seminars but unfortunately the overlapping schedule  along with the unending urge to shop makes it impossible to attend them all.  The very first one I attended was...

The Guru Summit
On the panel of You Tube gurus were the Pixiwoo sisters; Sam and Nicky, Wayne Goss, Enkore and Pursebuzz. They answered questions ranging from how they got started, the kind of equipment they use, how they deal with haters, and of course advise for the up and coming You tuber.
Here are some for their answers:

How did you get started?
Pixiwoo & Pursebuzz: Started out teaching friends how to do make up on request and after uploading videos the requests and comments kept coming and so did they.
Wayne: Started dong videos to show women over 35 (who are usually overlooked)  how to  do their make up.

How did you get to be a You Tube partner? How many subscribers? How many views? Did you apply or was it offered to you?
Wayne: Was offered Youtube partnership after he hit 5, 000 subscribers.  
PixiwooThe same  as above. Things have changed now so they might offer you partnership per video instead of for the whole  channel. It is harder to cross over from per video to for the whole channel she (Nicky) thinks its better to hold out to get it for the whole channel.

Top 3 most requested looks
Pixiwoo: Kim Kardashian, bridal, classic smockey eye.

It used to be easier to become successful on You tube, now that it’s a lot harder would you still advice new comers to enter the field
Pixiwoo: You definitely should. We didn’t start on You tube for fame or fortune but for the love for make up and we have since learnt a lot from it, even more than we did working at the counter.
Pursebuzz: People can see through your motives, if you are there just for the cash they can tell. If you are there because you are passionate they can tell too and are more likely to like your videos.

Do you work with a plan or just take it as is?
Wayne: No. He just does what he wants when he wants.
Pixiwoo: Start with a plan in the beginning of the week but don’t usually follow it because things always come up. They spend their free days filming and editing videos.

How do you deal with haters?
Wayne: Hunt them down and kill them all. LOL!
Pixiwoo: We used to be really shocked but now all our comments are approved before they are published so we just block and delete!
Pursebuzz: I used to take it personally but now I look at it, laugh and move on.
Encore: Everybody gets hate, most of mine are about guys applying make up on you tube. I try to educate them, telling them that in the beginning only men wore make up.

Next Up Terry Barber and Kevin James Bennet


London IMATS 2011: Part 2 The Beauty Fantasy Student Competition

There were two contest but I only got to see the beauty and fantasy one. This year the theme was Tribal Beauty
The finalists

Up Close...

The winners
1st place
2nd place
3rd place

OK that's it for pictures. Next Up The guru's summit!


London IMATS 2011: Part 1 Pictures

 IMATS London the second time around was a lot more fun. This year I wasn’t alone as I usually am because none of my friends share my addiction. I find that make up shows are a lot more fun with a friend or friends. This year I had Karen, Adeola, Kemi,  Mo,  Debora of dvoradvine,  Halima of Pwetty bambi, Dee of True glam… 

Enough talk I’ll let you see for your self…

Next Up: The students competition


Stella's 2011 Golden Globes Red Carpet Favorites

I know this is late but better late than never right ;-). There were a lot of gorgeous gowns on the red carpet this year and only a few disasters. It wasn't easy to pick my favorites, but I succeeded. Here are my 2011favorite Golden Globes red carpet outfits.

Me Likey!

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad, a white spaghetti strap form fitting number paired with a studded see through cape
Anne  Hatherway in Giorgio Armani Privé, a backless bronze long sleeve gown. Love it!

Eva Longoria in Zac Posen, a black fish tail gown.

Sofia Vergara Scarlet Vera Wang, a form flattering red number. When I grow up, I want a body just like her's **dreamy eyes**

Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta, a salmon one shoulder gown with ruffles down the side.

Emma Stone in Calvin Klein Collection, a backless round neck peachy-pink number. It kind of looks like a t-shirt in the front but I love that the back is so sexy in contrast.

Kelly Osbourne in Zac Posen, a black on shoulder number with some skin tone detail down the side. I am totally loving the "new" Kelly.

Olivia Wilde in Marchesa, a sparkly full-skirted gown. I like the way the pewter sparkle fades away from the top to the bottom.

Heather Morris in Lorena Sarbu, a gold beaded gown. Simple works too.

Thats it ladies, do you agree with my list? Is there someone on it you think doesn't make the cut? Or have I overlooked one of your favorites? Let me know...

Photo Credit: 


Sam Fine in London: Part 3 of 3 Tips & Tricks

The cookie cutter, The Burn... no idea what I'm talking about? Well, by the end of this post you will ;-)

OK, like I said before I learnt a lot from the Sam Fine masterclass and seminar. I can't share it all because that would make this post much too long, but I will share what I consider the most important tips.
Sam Fine's work is distinctive mostly because of the precision he works with, every stoke, wipe or stipple is exactly where he needs it to be. His work stands out with transforming highlighting and contouring that looks really natural. Here are some tips I picked up in class to help achieve these results.

The Burn...
This is what he calls the contour on the forehead because it kinda looks like a sun burn. To add dimension to the face and make the forehead appear smaller than it really is, he contours it. To do this you apply foundation a few shades darker than your skin tone to the outer perimeter of your forehead and then blend it inwards to seamlessly meet the foundation on rest of the face (your own shade).

I used to have a hard time doing this because I'm dark and its kinda hard to find foundation dark enough to get the results I wanted. Turns out you can use... Black! Yes black. In form of eye shadow or pure pigment. Brands like Illumasqua and MAC have black pure black pigment in creamy formulas you can blend in with your foundation to make it darker.

"Spackle before you paint", apply concealer before foundation for good coverage and a less obvious highlight.

To optimize your highlight and contour in foundation you should set them with light and dark powers respectively.

To build coverage stamp on foundation instead of wiping it on,This way you place it exactly whee you want it and build coverage. Use cream foundation instead of liquid or powder because its more malleable.

Where to contour:
This was one of the biggest revelations for me in class. I used to pull a fish face and put my contour in the hollow, under my cheeks #Fail! Turns out this should actually mark the END of the contour and not the beginning. To get the perfect Janet Jackson style cheek bones, your contour should be on the lower part of your cheek bone and not under it. He puts down some loose powder to act as a guide to show where the contour should stop.

Tissue off foundation before setting with powder:
Another huge revelation you might have seen in his DVD. This makes a huge difference, after applying foundation especially if you go for full coverage, you will have a bit of shine from the product. Ordinarily you would go ahead and use your setting powder to remove the shine but lightly dabbing the face with tissue removes the shine and gives the foundation a very natural already set look.

The Cookie Cutter...
This is a look some call a cut crease. Basically you draw a line with a flat brush (for precision) and matte eye shadow starting at the outer corner of the eye lid and gradually take it up just above the crease to open up the eye and add dimension. Blend your line outwards towards the brows and then fill the part below the line with a light colored shimmery shadow.

 More Tips for the eyes
-Line your lower lash line with eye shadow because it doesn't budge like a pencil will.
-Set brow pencil with brow powder or face powder to get rid of the shine.
-Put down loose powder under your eyes before you start applying eye shadow to catch any fall out.

There you have it, I can't share everything I learnt (next time buy a ticket :P LOL) but I hope this helps.


Sam Fine in London: Part 2 of 3 The Seminar

The seminar was held at the Dominium theatre on Tottenham court road, LondonIt was a larger group than we had at the masterclass. There were probably about 35-50 of us present.
Sam was introduced by Funmi of Mink who had organized the event, he walked in and thanked us all for coming. Then he said hi to ME! He remembered my name!!! I was blushing so hard I swear you could see it through all the melamine! LOL! Then like that wasn't enough he actually said my eye shadow was nice! Ha!
"Hi Stella"  Sam waving at ME!
He started the seminar answering make up questions from the audience before his demo on Marie. This time we had a full demo with two looks. Sam did his signature "cookie cutter" look on one side of Marie's face and a smoky eye on the other. Like in the class there were lots of questions and we learnt lots of new tips.
The poshest make up case you'll ever see LOL
Sam's kit
Marie after

More cool people at the event...
I also got to meet some really cool people including David Horne, Darren Scott, Carron Enwright-Richardson, Bano Ali, Ruth... to name a few below are pictures of even more! People are always really friendly and nice at make up events, I always walk away with new friends :-)
Karen and I trying to "smeyes" 
With Abby, Bukky, Bolanle and Shola
With Abby; I love meeting my beautiful readers. Thanks Abby for making me feel like a mini celeb LOL!
With Elaine of ShoMya

I admit the class and seminar were not cheap but they were definitely worth every penny! This was the opportunity of a lifetime to meet The Master and I am thrilled I made it.
Sam Fine is really nice, funny and super talented, oh yeah and he’s tall too ;-). We stayed laughing as we learnt all through the weekend. An absolutely awesome experience! In two days I learnt so much, picking up tips and tricks and finally realizing how to correct things I have been doing wrong. If you ever have the chance to attend a class or seminar with Sam I say go for it! You won't regret it.

Next up tips and tricks I picked up in class…


Sam Fine in London: Part 1 of 3 The Masterclass

OMG! OMG! OMG! I met Sam Fine!!! (OK pull it together Stella we need share story)
Here goes...
If you have been reading this blog, you probably already know that I’m a huge Sam Fine fan. You know how Usher says Michael Jackson was his inspiration? Well, Sam is my inspiration and I aspire to be as good as he is  ;-) so watch this space!

The event tagged "The beauty of Make up Experience with Sam Fine" was organized by Mink and sponsored by Illamasqua, Ellis Faas and Iman. They put together a master class and seminar on the 3rdand 4th of December with Sam Fine and I was fortunate enough to attend both events.

The Master Class:
The master class took place on the 3rd of December at the Illumasqua store on Beak Street in London. It was an intimate group of about 14 make up artists and artists in training. Sam (yes Sam, we are on first name bases now LOL) was there with his friend/model Marie (you should recognize her from his book). 
Marie and I

The class started with Sam doing a demo on Marie, tweezing and bleaching brows, matching foundation, contour, highlight… the works. We got to ask and were asked questions all the way through and that made for fun, educative discussions. 
The class, or at least some us :-)
After a brief lunch break, it was time to practice our new skills on models. We had an hour to do this and Sam went round the class correcting us and making suggestions for improvement. After the exercise he gave us  feed back on what he'd noticed we did right or wrong and how we could improve. At the end of the class we all got certificates signed by Sam Fine and took tons of pictures with him. 
Giving out our certificates
Sam commending me for my work on my model's brows.

Just when I though things could't get any better, he announced that he would be giving a gift to the person that came the farthest to see him…ME! Coming from Paris I had come the farthest so he gave me a copy of  his DVD Basics of beauty and he signed it too!!! I know you are probably wondering “doesn’t she already have one?" Yes I do, but this one was signed specially for me!
Goodie bag from Illumasqua.

Needless to say I had an awesome time. 

Next post the seminar...


Stella's 2010 Emmy's Red Carpet Favorites

The red carpet has been rolled out again so you know I had to share my thoughts right? Without ant further ado, here they are in no particular order.
Me likey...

Kim Kardashian: did someone order a Grecian goddess?
I'm one of those people who don't understand why she is famous but honor must be given where it's due. This  dress is to die for and in it Kim looks absolutely fa-bou-lous!

Eva Longoria: Pretty in black
Elegant black number paired with bright earrings for a splash of color.

Heidi Klum: Hottest Mom on the block
Enough said!

Claire Danes: Just Shimmer 
Proof that you don't need to do too much to look good.

Nina Dobrev:
In Zuhair Murad, I love her!

Me no likey...

January Jones

in Atelier Versace, I think this number belongs in a sci-fi movie.

Christina Hendricks 
in Zac Posen reminds me of Moulin rouge costumes.

Naya Rivera in that dress and that hair; No Comment

Keri Russell missing some filling in the upper half of her dress?

Diana Argon in Carolina Hererra not certain how i feel about this one but it looks a but like the curtain in my  living room. I'm loving her make up though.

Do you agree with my choices? Let me know...


MakeUp show New York part 3

Who was at the show...

One of my favorites of the show was networking. I have followed the work of make up artists, bloggers and you tubers for years now and last week at the show I got to meet some of them...did I say the show was awesome already? I had a great time!
With Danessa Myricks of I Make You Beautiful    
With Aramide: Reunion with my old friend from Uni              
    With Erin of Scandalous Beauty, she was so funny and down to earth love her!
With Kysh of Addicted2MakeUp and Takisha
With Micheal DeVllis fo the Power Group
With Johnny Lavoy
With my fellow MakeUp lovers
With Marc Harvey
With my niaja sisters
L-R Aramide, Halima of pwetty bami, Eni of Lise beauty range, Me and Bolanle of MakeUp pro
With Koren/Enkore
With Eve Pearl, she is so nice and talented and she remembered me for the IMATS London!
With Hot models forME cosmetics
With Cindy Diaz and a friend
With Stephanie Jenkins
With (L-R) Halima, Bolanle, Micheal DeVellis, James Vincent, Eni and Aramide

Art the Make Up show.
Although there were no competitions at the show there was still a lot of art on the floor, from the make up on our faces to the demonstrations from the make up brands present. Here are some of them.
Mac pro
MakeUp Forever
Paperself cut eyelashes
Stephanie Jenkins: her brows were so hot, I went out and got the products she used!

Next up will be a post on my Haul, I should warn you I did go a bit crazy in the purchasing department. It was just too hard to resist all the great stuff and the discounts at the show. 

Till next time (soon I promise)


The Make Up Show New York: Part 1

One word... Amazing!

The Make Up show is an annual event held in New York and L.A by the Power group. The show combines exhibitions of leading makeup brands, make up artists, beauty bloggers and you tubers, hands on workshops, seminars, product demos loads of discounts, deals and freebies.

This year the New York show was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion on 18th street in downtown Manhattan on the 16th and 17th of May 2010. I was fortunate to attend the show on both days even though the notorious ''ash cloud" almost ruined my chances. As my Nigerian people would say "The devil is a liar".

The show was absolutely amazing,  two days of make up fun!!! I'm so glad I didn't miss it. I have been to other make up show but this one is my best so far.
OK so I don't normally take pictures on the floor... I was just really excited!

Everyone was so nice and friendly, if you locked eyes with a complete stranger, you would both smile and probably start a conversation like you had known each other for years! It was like we were all members of the same really cool club.

The brands present include MakeUp forever, MAC, OCC, L'Oreal, Naked cosmetics, Alcone, Becca, Crown brush, Fluhme, Graftobian, Hakuhodo, I Make You Beautiful, Kryolan, Kett cosmetics,  , MUD... I could fill more lines like this but I'll stop because I'm guessing you get the idea. Tons of brands were there!

Kett Cosmetics
Eye Kandy
Stila Cosmetics

Mac Pro
MakeUp Forever (One of my favs!)
Nigel Beauty Emporium

Many leading professional makeup brands were present with stands showing off their products. Some of them had make up artists do demonstrations with their products at their stands and also during seminars held in two different areas on the floor.

Crown Brushes... busy as ever
Eve Pearl
Shu Uemura


Yup I took tons of pictures, I can't share them all but I think this comes pretty close.

There were also many seminars, although some of them were like long sales pitches two of them caught my eye...
Durable Divas: Party proof Makeup by Kevin James Bennet for Make Up Forever

He used MUFE products and as you can see he did great! Needless to say I was at the MUFE booth first thing the next morning to stock up on their products.
This was the line to get to the MUFE till!!! Hence my early morning return
He was so nice I had tons of questions and he answered them all!
The entire booth was at 40% off retail price but selected products were on sale in sets at 50% off.

Breath new life into your skin: Val Hernandez for Youngblood Mineral Make Up.

As she worked with the YB products she passed them round so we could try them. I liked the feel so once again after the seminar I went over to the stand and got some of their stuff.

Apart from these seminars there were many others and keynote and business forums but as everything was kind off happening at the same time I could not attend them all. Here are some of the seminars I did attend.

The airbrush revolution: HD recode & technology by David Klasfeld for OCC

Easy airbrushing for the Pro artist By Marc Harvey for Luminess air
Tools of the trade by James Vincent for Crown Brush
Strengthening your online presence by Victoria stiles for TPG Pro
Shock effect everyday drama by Koren Zander for Naked cosmetics


That's it for part 1 more to come soon ;-)


Stella's 2010 Oscar Make Up picks

I already shared my thoughts on the red carpet fashion from the 2010 oscars, now its time for the make up! (did you guess that this is my favorite part...)

Most celebrities (with the exception of Nicole Richie) ditched elaborate glam looks for simple fresh faces this year. We saw lots ok skin tone make up glamed up with lashes. Here are some of my favorite make up looks at this years oscars.

Sandra Bullock, although I didn't care much for her dress which I thought might have been more appropriate for a woman about 20 years older , I liked this make up look on her. The bright lips brought color to her otherwise plain gold ensemble.

I absolutely love this look on Miley Cyrus. Pale pink lips sheer gold shadow and va va voom lashes that make her green eyes pop! me likey... 
I'll like to try out this look soon.

This lady does not play with her make up. Mo'Nique as always is sporting a fresh look with natural tones, highlighted and contoured in all the right places.

Another one I will definitely be trying soon.

Jlo the queen of glow put her shimmer away for this clean glam look. Pale pink lips and flesh tone eye shadow pared with a darker tone in the crease.

I'm thrilled to put Zoe Saldana on this list, after going on about not liking her dress. At least I liked something right? Fresh, pale lips, brown eyeshadow and a light blush on her cheeks. Simple, giving the impressing she is wearing just lipgloss.

Will be recreating the looks seen on Mo'Nique and Miley Cyrus soon. If you are interested in wearing these looks then watch this space! I will post the looks as well as a step by step tutorial and details of products used.

Ciao Bellas!

*All the pictures in this post are not my own, they were borrowed from Google images

Stella's 2010 Oscar Red Carpet Favorites

So I know I signed up for make up but an event dripping with this much glam was practically calling out my name!
The red carpet this year was quite uneventful… I mean there were no absolute fashion victims.  . Here are my favorite picks from the 2010 Oscars (in no particular order).

Me likey...

Jlo in Armani Privé straight off the runway. I loved this one, the beautiful dress worked perfectly with her curves.

Cameron Diaz in Oscar de la Renta. She's never been my fashion favorite but she is absolutely stunning in this one. I'm loving the look with her hair down and the red lips.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Channel. A red carpet favorite looked lovely in this yellow number. Critics didn't like this one because  the dress doesn't show off her curves. I think she looked great, true it doesn't show off her curves but so what!

Her hands were heavyly adorned with diamond bracelets and is that a tattoo?

Miley Cyrus in Jenny packman. Apart from the bodice being a little too tight, I like this look.

Rachel McAdams in Elie Saab. A fresh sweep of color, this one reminds me of spring and right on time for the pastel colors of the season. Me likey!

Queen Latifa in Badgley Mischka. She looked absolutely stunning in this pink number. I think the color suits her really well. 

Elizabeth Banks in Versace. An elegant dress although it reminds me a lot of the Atelier Versace Penelope Cruz got raves for in 2009. Demi Moore also sported a similar style by Versace this year. Elizabeth wore her's better than Demi did though.

Helen Mirren in Badgley Mischka. Simple and elegant, living proof that you don't need to be over the top to look good especially at her age.

Merly Streep in Chris Marc. This is one of my absolute favorites from this year's red carpet. She looked so classy and sexy in this plunging neck line but still great for her age. Merly was up for her 16th nomination for  her role in Julie & Julia.

Kate Winslet in Salvatore Ferragamo. Last year's best actress was graceful in this metallic number. I like this look on her, she  some times she comes across plain but this time I think she looked glamourous.
Penelope Cruz in Donna Karan. This lovely number places her safely in my favorites list.

Me no likey...
Zoe Saldana in Givenchy. I hurts me to put her on this list because I absolutely love her, have been a fan since she did “center stage” but this dress… OMG! It starts out nice, really nice even, form the hip upwards but the bottom half of the dress reminds me of fragle rock!

Vera Farmiga in Marchesa. This one looks like it might fly "up in the air" all by itself. Its a nice color I agree but the dress is much too busy.

Mariah Carey in  Valentino. I didn't like this one at all not the style or the fit, it did nothing for her figure. Its a nice color though especially paired with the metallic accessories.

Charlize Theron in Christian Dior. I'm hardly a fan of styles with extras on the bust, this one is no exception. The bust twirl is the design on the dress, without it it's like a plain prom dress...

Kathryn Bigelow winner of the best director award for the Hurt locker. I would have worn this one to church (probably in a brighter color)

Carey Mulligan in Prada. So an evening dress is not the best place to stick miniature cutlery and scissors... or maybe thats just me. 

Diane Kruger of Inglorious Basterds in Channel.  I don't even know what to say about this on except what was she thinking!

Thats it folks, like I said there weren't many fashion mishaps on the red carpet this year. Lets see how long this lasts shall we.
Feel free to let me know what you think, maybe I left some one out, or you would like to see someone switch lists? Let me know divas....

Till next time My belles...