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Product Review: Sensationnel Premium Too Euro Straight

New Look: Bangs are "Us"
Hair and Make up by ME!!!

My new look, the "It Girl Do" as named by a friend of mine, is a long straight hair do with a full frindge. I usually don't like hair on my face but as the heat of Summer is long gone and the cold is upon us I figured the timing couldn't be better.
During and after (with the long bangs)

First I left the bangs really long (in my eyes) but after wearing it long for a few days I realized I had to go a little shorter :-(

The hair is Sensationnel's Premium Too: Euro Straight Weave in 20 inches, color 1B.

I fixed it (myself!) in a closed weave style, finished with a home made closure made with the same weave.

A nice weave, however if you are not in the habit of caring for your weave, this one is not for you. In order to look good, it needs to be brushed often (several times in the day). It's easy to style (curl or straighten), it even gets wavy when you braid it. I straightened and or blow dried it often to keep it light with the "white girls flow".

Product Review: Sleek Hair's Super Weave Bulk
As promised here is my review on Sleek hair's Super weave bulk. This is Sleek hair's "Wet and Wavy" bulk and it also comes in wefts.
I got 2 packs of Super Weave bulk in 18" color 1 (jet black) from the Sleek Studio in Lagos. I had it braided about 3-4 inches (to control the volume; because I have really full hair) and not tied at the ends (so it's easy to take off). I used about 1 and 3/4 of the 2 packs.
1 Pack
After braiding, before wetting.
Right out the pack, its slightly wavy and bulky. When sprayed with water it gets curly and stringy ; braids kind of stand alone (hope that makes sense).

This is a human hair weave, not virgin since it's treated but human hair none the less. One of the perks of human hair weaves is that they can be styled,  this one was no exception. 
L-R: Brushed out, just after a wash and in soft curlers.

In an attempt to change it up a bit, after a wash I put the weave in soft curlers overnight. The result...
Pretty tighter curls and a shorter fuller do.
I washed and conditioned the hair with the Dove Damage Therapy daily moisture line . I also mixed the conditioner with water for a home made detangler.

The bulk was pulled and folded in half so it turned out shorter than than I expected for 18". It also looses some of its "human hair feel" after a few weeks but using my detangler daily helps bring it back.
That said, I enjoyed this weave and got compliments up until the day I took it off. I will probably do it again and since it responds well to conditioning, I'm pretty sure you can reuse the extension too :-). I was really impressed with its performance during the wash; it got hard and stiff after shampooing but then got soft again when I conditioned it.

  • Brush the hair carefully with a wide tooth brush once in a while to work out kinks (the curls come right back when you wet it so don't worry about that). 
  • Brush the hair in partitions, NOT the whole thing at once like you would do a sew-in to reduce fall out.
  • When wet run your hands thought it to detangle before brushing to avoid pulling the braids out.
There you have it!

Product Review: Virgin Indian hair from
At the international hair show held in New Jersey in May, I picked up 8 ounces of wavy virgin Indian hair from Indian  As promised in my first post featuring pictures of me wearing the weave, here is a review of the weave.
Indian offers 3 different styles, indian silky straight, indian wavy and signature curly.
Indian silky straight
Indian wavy
Signature Curly
The company’s rep at the show recommended I use the Dove damage therapy moisture plus line, so I got the shampoo and conditioner. For an everyday detangler I mixed one part conditioner with about 4-5 parts of water (just enough to make the water misty) and you are good to go. To make it easy to use I put it in a spray bottle.
Back view after I curled it (with soft curlers)

I really like this weave. It’s my first time with virgin Indian hair so I don’t have much to compare it to, but compared to treated human hair including remy weaves this was really good. It’s affordable; the prices start at $50, it doesn’t shed excessively, feels great and it can be curled or straightened.
For more information and orders check out their website here

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