Look Book

Welcome to my look book, a collection of make up looks I have created. For details on how you can recreate the look and a list of products used please click the look title.


FOTD: Pretty Pink In Paris

FOTD: Quite Natural Crescent

FOTD: Funky Blue Steel + Tutorial

FOTD:Party Ready for the Holidays | Purple Meets Turquoise

FOTD:Party Ready for the Holidays: Smokey Purple Edges

FOTD:Party Ready for the Holidays | Smokey Plum

FOTD: Navy Blue & Plum Edges

FOTD: Hypnotic + Blue Brown

FOTD:Sidecar + Creep +Gunmetal

FOTD:Smog+ Dark horse + Creep

FOTD:Sleek Bad Girl: Twilight + Obnoxious+Gullible

FOTD:Toasted, Rebel and Burnt Burgundy

FOTD: Curry Gold & Black

FOTD: Green tea+Ganash

FOTD: Christmas Makeup Look 1

FOTD: Beige, Burnt Orange & Adire

FOTD: Seriously Winged

FOTD: Sparkly Smokey Eye

Heading out for drinks with the girls, this smokey eye is a quick dramatic look perfect for the occasion.

FOTD: Graduation Classic.

FOTD: She’s Got The Blues

FOTD: Free to be pretty :-)

FOTD: Lime meets Plumage

FOTD: Genuine Orange Block

FOTD: The Bridesmaid In Yellow Take 3

FOTD: The Bridesmaid In Yellow Take 1

FOTD: Violet Streak & A Burn

Bling! LOL

A Bride for Edward ;-)

I know I'm not Bella but Stella kind of sound like Bella! No?

Dirty in Red

Daylight Shimmer

 Neutral Glam

Sleek Circus palette take 1: Purple

Purple Drama

Stella the Vampire

Simply Turquoise

White Pearl

To Moulin Rouge

Bridal Make Up Take 1

Pink Burgundy

Sheer Simplicity

Red & Gold 

FOTD: Metro Classic

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  1. I rarely do referrals because most peeps kinda fall short where it matters most but you have beaten me flat out! Although, I knew you were always gonna be excellent at everything you touched (except Pidgin English) but this is utterly impressive. 'Mind if I blow your trumpet, I see you at New York Fashion Week already; gba be!

    So, I am gonna do relentless referrals to your pages but you need to help me by putting your contact details online.

    Finally, can you mail me your lips, I wanna laminate them!

  2. LMAO!!! **Mad Blushing**
    Thanks Cheely I really appreciate it

  3. these are just lovely... i really wish i knew how to make up like that... ur really talented...keep it up

  4. I am digging all the looks....getting a lot of ideas....tnx for being an inspiration!

  5. hey, pls could you tell, the names of eyeshadows you use pls ,thanks x

  6. one thing is for certain...u know how to do makeup! check out mine on fb. Add lilwhiz4life@gmail.com first name is Shianne

  7. hi Stella,

    gosh i'm sure you wont remember me. we started sleek at abt the same time, were in camp together etc,and we have a mutual friend. love the blog. was thinking of doing one too, but it'll take too much time and i'm not that patient, plus i dont have that many products ( one of the downsides of living in this darn country). anyhoo, keep doing what u doing.

  8. so sorry to hear abt ur dad.

  9. how can i become a sleek distributor, i live in newyork.

  10. Thank you all, I really appreciate your kind words of encouragement :D
    @Tiano, i'm not sure how it works in the US. Sleek has different systems for each country so you'll need to contact them directly to find out more. I was a distributor in Nigeria where they have a system similar to the Mary Kay one.

  11. your hair is gorgeous which products do you use for this? Thanks

  12. stella....10 thumbs for ya!

  13. love u, love ur work. am an up coming make up artist. i trained @ sleek studio Kaduna Naigeria. ur really an inspiration to me.

  14. Wow....This is lovely! Your work is really nice, neat and flawless! Thumps up. Im an upcoming Make up artiste and this has inspired me. Cant wait to see u @ the LMUF. u rock lady! See u at the top, Stella.


I <3 feedback ;-)

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